Pearls Before Swine

Have you ever had your tongue stilled?

Your heart and mind is saying what you know you need to say but your mouth is sealed?

When it comes to a Christians ministry, not every moment is the right moment.

I have found that God always knows when the time is right and gives you the words when you need them.

A friend I know claims to be atheist, but even so I can drop a pearl here and there before her, hopefully to give evidence that God does exist.  I do it rarely now because God lets me know.   If you don’t listen to when God says, “Go!”,  it can backfire and the walls go up. The time is obviously not right. So I wait.


Am I wasting pearls before her?  I don’t think so.  For one, I don’t preach at her because what would be the point? That would be casting pearls before swine.

She’s obviously not ready for that.

I’m a different kind of Christian. I tend to be subtle.

Have you ever been around a person who, that’s all they talk about, as though just saying “Jesus this or Jesus that” makes them sound holy?  Sometimes they go on and on like a broken record and in some cases they talk about their own salvation and how righteous they are?  That’s not me.  I don’t see my salvation as guaranteed.  Oh, the price is paid, how a Christian lives their life is evidence of their acceptance of it’s value and I do appreciate that. But we’re living in tough times, how will I hold up?  I stumble and fall sometimes but that doesn’t nullify my salvation.  I believe the Bible talks of one unforgiveable sin and that is blasphemy of the holy spirit or blaspheming God. (you might be asking, is that what Peter did when he denied Christ?  No, but that’s another discussion. )

A scripture that comes to mind, (Matt 23:27) is one of many where Jesus is talking about their resemblance to white washed tombs, appearing clean on the outside but in reality full of dead men’s bones, speaking specifically to the Scribes and Pharisees (the religious leaders of his day) condemning them for their superficial piety, but could apply to anyone that says “look here, I’m not like this person or that one”.

These leaders were sanctioned by God but had “proven false to their power”.  (2 Tim3:1-5)

Years ago I was engaged in a ministry to reach people in remote areas to teach them the word of God. I’m not saying that to sound noble, but at the time I may have thought so. Many of the people we spoke to were Native American still steeped in much of their customs and in my mind at the time needing salvation. What I found was that like all indigenous peoples they had/have a deity, a god or in some countries several gods as most natives in all countries do. Where am I going with this?  It goes back to something I remembered learning as a child and that reinforced something I’d never considered those many many years before.

It is evidence.

In the early 60’s when still a child, National Geographic did an article on the discovery of the Tasaday Indians in the Phillipines in the forests of Mindanao.  What I found fascinating is that in this remote area and without a Bible they believed in God and better yet, these people had in their lore the story of the great flood!  In my young mind, all I could think of is what better evidence to support the Bible could there be than that?

Even the Koran has a similar story line. It’s like the story was changed to fit their culture, but it’s what brings a commonality to us all.  I know there will be some Christians and non who will be offended by that, but it is not intended to do so.

I remembered marveling at the pictures of this tribe who proved to me that God does exist.  Do you remember when God became real to you?   It cemented in my mind that God is real and His Word true. How else did they come to know these things? How else is there that common thread?

Since then, I’ve read other articles, but no one has called attention to that tidbit of information since.  It has long since been swept under the rug and forgotten, but I didn’t forget reading it.  It rooted my faith.

I think at some point, everyone will have their “Come to Jesus” moment in a unique way.

I’ve heard some people, say they saw angels, heard God and any number of other miraculous moments, but it doesn’t have to be a flash of light or anything supernatural. When the time is right and your heart is open, God’s message will arrive and suddenly, you’ll know. And in some cases, you will discover that you knew all along.

It may not come through the Bible or your best friend or a relative who has been preaching to you and at you for however long. When the time is right God will light the flame and it will simply be.


I thank all of my followers and hope you enjoy this post, which as most of you know is totally different than most. We all stemmed from one source. It is not meant to offend anyone but hopefully to bridge the gaps of our differences so that perhaps in time bring about a union and peace among all.


More importantly, let’s stop the hate.




20 thoughts on “Pearls Before Swine

    1. What’s interesting is that the natives preserved God’s narrative by word of mouth alone and yet it remained relatively in tact, which really shows the spirit at work. Yes, it deviated some, but the main theme was there to give testimony. That’s what I find so amazing. Thank you for stopping by.

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    1. Thank you! I still feel not nearly as adept at writing as so many bloggers I follow, but I can see an improvement. That’s the beauty of reading and following good writers such as yourself. Thanks for the complement.

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  1. I love this post. I like when you say you’re dropping pearls. This is such a better way for people to witness. I wish more Christians would do more walking the walk and less talking the talk. Just finished reading The Poisonwood Bible (fiction). So good. Some people might not like the way the minister in the book was portrayed–so aggressive in trying to convert natives in the Congo in the 1960’s) but “this” minister is the reason so many people have soured toward religion. Great insight on your post. Def stop the hate. AGREE!

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  2. I’ve not hear of The Poisonwood Bible, but I was married to a JW that used the Bible as a weapon, At the end of our marriage it was 10 years before I would even pick a Bible up again, much less go to church. It’s sad how that happens.


  3. I enjoyed your post. I gave up on conventional religion many years ago. In part because of the weekend christians and those that would beat you over the head with their version of truth. There are other reasons of course but that is nothing I need go into here. I just wanted to say hello and I enjoyed your post.

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    1. Many people feel that way. When someone gets fanatical on me, I look at how they comport themselves. Are they living it? Mos of the time, not, thought they may think they are. Sad. Living it is not easy, yet we all have to guard against judging, both those that practice and those who don’t. We can’t change the fact that we are imperfect humans, so no one, not even the good intentioned can live without some shortcoming, so we need to look then at the big picture.

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  4. I’ve been on mission enough times to hear God’s Spirit saying “DON’T talk to this person yet”. It blows some Christians’ minds that God would ever say such a thing, but doesn’t it make sense that God would want to be involved and guiding the process every step of the way?

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    1. Absolutely! I think we’ve all received certain gifts and God knows how and when to use them. My job may be to only plant a seed that someone else will nurture or that may lay dormant a very long time for the right conditions to bring it to fruition. The best to you on your mission!!

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