CoVid-19 – New Baby Boom

My husband walked into the room the other day and announced quite frankly, “You know we’re gonna have a new baby boom?”

It took me a second to guess his meaning and then I remembered all those years, in Alabama, (which btw has no reported CoVid-19 cases yet) and all those times we had been forced to stay in because of power outages and other storm or tornado related disasters.

It never failed.  If folks are kept indoors with nothing to do, they find something to do and as predicted 9 months later, we found ourselves with an influx of new babies needing to be vaccinated or needing WIC product.

Being from California, I’d never been privy to such revelations. Working at the county health department provided me with an insurmountable education of what humans are capable of. I moved there shortly before Katrina hit.  I was not working at the health department then, so I never felt the impact of that disaster, but a year later, I would.  Living in that area, I would experience more such storms. It was after one of those that one of my coworkers proclaimed what to look for and/or expect down the road and sure enough, it never failed.  Alabama, being in the tropic zone and frequently succumbing to “disasters” found themselves in this boat on a regular cycle. It became a running joke and an “oh boy!” proclamation each year.


street below

My home overlooks a normally busy street below and I’m amazed at how quiet it has become, a contrast from this past weekend when everyone was scrambling to buy up what they could and stock up, just in case.  We did the same, sans toilet paper.  Only because I was out of town for awhile the week before and my husband didn’t know where the extra TP was, so he went out and bought more, so we have plenty.

So, now that our lives have been disrupted by the CoVid-19, with concert cancellations and limited populated events, people are finding themselves housebound. I just had surgery, so I’m already housebound, but now the rest of the country and the world, some of which are unfamiliar with the process may find themselves with a similar dynamic, and the prospect of facing an historical baby populace in the future.  It only stands to reason …

In the meantime, my daughter is in Europe, enjoying her last months birthday present.  In ten days, to everyone’s surprise, so much changed where everything escalated.  She has no clue what she’ll be coming home to although, mom has kept her apprised of what she could the last two days.  My girl and her BFF visited Ireland and the UK and is headed to Edinburgh.  She wasn’t too worried of the recent announcement by the president that those two countries would be off limits starting today. . . of course Americans are still allowed to return home.

She did say kissing the Blarney Stone was off limits, so not to be daunted, her BFF kissed the castle… for real?

This started out as a tongue in cheek post, but it has taken a turn.  So sorry.

My husband just called and said there’s been an announcement that events have escalated and San Francisco will go into total lock down.

I’m now afraid for her. She lives in Georgia, her BF in Utah.

There’s been an update even to that within the last hour.  In San Diego area: