This has been an unusually busy week and today was the worst.

Yesterday, my Cat Chloe had to have surgery. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, she’d been losing weight of late and now she’d stopped eating.  When I took her in before, her blood work had not indicated anything grave, other than a typical (for her age) kidney enzyme count or some such, which only required a diet change. However, I could tell she was losing weight and yet hungry all the time.  She liked her canned food, which was soft, but she was no longer going for the dry. Another age thing?

Well, felines have something they are prone to called resorption. It affects their teeth and gum area and can cause them quite a bit of pain. Fortunately only one tooth was involved, so we had it extracted.  She is fine now.

Doing what she does best – in the daytime anyway.

However, my little gal has to be on pain meds for three days. She was not a happy camper because when she got home, her favorite place to be (outside) was barred.

I couldn’t let her go out because it was now evening and we are known to have coyotes in the neighborhood, so the vet said no. Having been sedated, her reflexes would be subpar for awhile.

So up goes the baby gate and boy did she try to figure that thing out. She was not happy.

baby gate

But all in all, she did get a pretty bandage.


In the meantime, I  add some warm water to her dry food per Dr.’s suggestion, which I did last night. She ate.

The downside to that is that this AM what was left over had drawn ANTS!!!  Lot’s of them, with a trail leading outside, down and around the patio to the fence and disappearing heaven knows where.

I know the neighbors have complained of ants, but they’d not been a problem here.

I looked everywhere for any kind of bug spray and found none.  So, I got out the vinegar. Well, it soaked them but it didn’t kill them, so Home Depot, here I come.

Oh dear!  So many choices. Which do I go for?

Well Spectricide was cheapest, Ortho next and the highest was RAID!  So, I used my “rule of thumb” and got the one priced in the middle.  I figured if Raid was that high, almost twice the others, it must have a ton of stuff I don’t want in the house or…near my pets. The cheapest, I reasoned might not do the trick, I don’t know, but I didn’t want to have to go back if it didn’t.  My animals were starving!  And, I wanted to be able to put their food down and feel it wouldn’t be contaminated.

I needn’t have worried. They’ve been sleeping most of the day anyway.

I woke Ferguson, he looks worried probably wondering what I’m up to now.

In addition to spray I got some of these little “traps”.  It says they’ll take the stuff to the nest and they’ll all be gone. I know how tenacious these little guys can be. I did the tour in Arizona of the Biodome where they had put several species of ants in there and the little guys took over and…eradicated all others!  Nope. I wasn’t taking any chances. These were little guys.

The first go around with vinegar didn’t do much. When I got back from the store, they’d already called in reinforcements. What a mess! I couldn’t think what on earth they could be going for. I don’t have a messy floor. I’d put the food up. What in hell’s name did they want, as one came crawling up my leg and then the other?!

I had to get in all the places I could think of. I laid them by the fence where they’d disappeared to and behind planters next to the doors. Everywhere the trail lead in.

Ant bait

I made sure to lay them in places where the pets couldn’t get them, not that they would, but just in case.

So…then I had to clean up the mess of ant carcasses and while I was at it, I bathed the dog. Ferguson, our Papillon, although a spaniel derivative,  hates baths but he actually did good this time and I even brushed his teeth without him fussin’ too much.


So by the time my two are ready to eat this evening I’m sure things will be fine.

I hope.

Killing ants is a lot of work.



SILENCE is the one thing I miss having moved from a small town to a big city. Actually our town is only a suburb in the outlying county of a big city.

But still, the hum of cars is constant.

I remember when we first considered moving to Colorado and we looked through the town of Grand Junction perusing possible homes to purchase. We were out at the base of The Monument, a state park that was almost a carbon copy of the Grand Canyon, only on a smaller scale. Beautiful red rock spires and canyons were hard to resist despite the fact that we were told not to buy too close to it because in winter you’d lose daylight and days would be even shorter.the-monument

None the less, here we were checking out the area and saw this country home with a “for sale” sign in front and decided to stop and got out of the car and see. I remember my oldest daughter jumping out right behind me and as I’m walking across the street, she says “Listen”.

Well, I did, but I was entranced by its peacefulness, so what does she want me to hear?

I look back at her perplexed.

Quietly I say, “What?”

She says, “Nothing! It is so quiet.”

She was right. Maybe a bird here and there, but overall SILENCE.

Coming from California where there was nothing but constant noise, it was a novelty to us. In Urban areas and big cities its not surprising that noise is something people become accustomed to and are not even aware of. Here? Nothing.

In Alabama, the same thing. Daddy’s farm, our little house in town even.

Our sweet house in Attalla.

But even so, there are sounds around us everywhere that we become immune to. It’s like the time we had a tornado blow through Attalla, Alabama one night.  Now Attalla is a quiet little town. Not much noise there, but after the tornado came through, destroyed the house on the corner and blew all the power boxes out, SILENCE.




We thought our place was quiet. Imagine how surprised we were at how much racket the hum of our appliances made and now there’s not a sound? Who’d a thought?  We actually all loved it.


The house had an apartment conversion upstairs where my sister lived, but she’d often come down and we’d eat pizza watch NCIS together. We still got together but instead of TV, we played games by candlelight and went to bed early, but best of all we were all talking to one another.


By headlamp, flashlight and candlelight, we played Scrabble.  It was the best three days ever.

Flickr Wednesday: Diana Thorold

Re-purposed and beautiful.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Diana writes:

“I have been involved in ‘the arts’ one way or the other all my life.

Born in Kenya, I lived on a farm and made cards and presents for friends and family – In childhood I learned to use and make from what was around me. … now it is ‘fashionable’ to reuse, recycle.

I run workshops to help people find their creativity.

I have a small seasonal shop ‘Blistering Barnacles’ that I run with my partner.
We make almost everything we sell.

My work on Flickr is more for ‘fun’ – I enjoy entering the groups competitions and manipulating and mangling photos.  I Hope my work inspires you”

Evening Glow

Follow if you will

Thinking of You

Fly Free


Which Way

Remembering Summer Days

The Truth

Essence of Summer

Summer Slides Away


Diana’s Workshop in Sherringham

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The Whole Picture

I know a great deal is happening in the world today.  Attitudes are changing, some good, some not so good.

In this mash of over stimulation and feeding of opinion, from every form of media and friends, how do we get the whole picture?  The TRUE picture?

Truth is relative, that’s a given truth be told. So much of what we believe is influenced by those around us, our friends, neighbors, educators, religion (if we attend), media and if we read, books. Sadly most of it comes from a combination of media and peer pressure.

Peer pressure is something we just can’t seem to avoid. We’re like cattle or perhaps sheep off to slaughter. Friends are an integral part of living and heaven forbid we disappoint friends. So that leaves MEDIA. MEDIA is the most damaging. TV especially because more people watch TV than listen to radio, in periodicals or the daily paper. Why people believe what they hear on TV as gospel is beyond me. Most of it is “he said, she said” anyway.

I recall an interview a few years back of an actor who had for several seasons or perhaps years, had played a villain on a long running soap opera.  He said in the interview, how surprised he was at the number of people believed it was for real. He was frequently being chastised on the street for being so bad. One day, he says, a woman literally came up to him from out of the blue and hit him with her purse.  The audience of course laughed, but what a sad commentary of how “our” belief system is influenced.  That’s why commercials work and why certain ones are aired at certain times and channels for a specific target audience. That’s also how our children’s minds get formed without us even being aware.  That’s how it is though.

How many people rely on media for their information?

TV news anchors and various talk shows constantly skew their information and cut and paste to present information to fit their own agenda. Now social media is in the mix and how even more impactive that has become.  Because now it’s the man on the street, showing us “live” as to what is going on.

Tell me, has anyone stopped to think how it is that someone just “happened” to see and shoot something as it unfolds from beginning to end and in it’s entirety without prejudice?  Who on earth is ready to roll all the time?  It’s hardly likely unless the event was contrived in the first place. Think about that. And the public believes it? Incredible. Generally if you see something happen, it takes more than a few seconds to get your camera rolling and by then you probably missed a good chunk of important information. It’s hard enough to get a good reel when you plan to shoot it. Trust me.

Low tolerance, high tolerance. It all goes awry when it comes to personal beliefs.  For example, someone may say they are tolerant of this or that and appear for all practical purposes to be so until someone who has an opposing ideology attempts to present theirs. Suddenly their “tolerance” is out the window.  What it really boils down to is so and so has no right to their voice if it conflicts with mine. In other words mine is right, theirs is wrong.  Period.

It’s human nature to hear what you want to hear and if you dislike someone you may be even more inclined to isolate the incriminating or what you want or need to indict them. Sometimes people don’t bother listening or hearing the whole message.  Oh, but wait!  Perhaps the whole message wasn’t shared, just a little this and that. Perhaps some media power that be edited it to discredit  one or uplift another.  How would you know?

There’s no doubt that if we want the truth, we have to go hunting for it and like hunting, it takes work and patience to find truth behind the stories that are being told.

I understand we are all under time restrictions, but do your best.

If you don’t take care, what you see is not necessarily what you’re gonna get. You could be in for a surprise.

We as the human race can be so foolish but for this country’s sake,  lets not be. Our future depends on it.

Do your homework folks.




Mary Walker – AKA Typhoid Mary, Bloody Mary

They say she was once sweet, pretty with a very, lethally toxic “personality”. But…which Mary came first?

Take a look. She’s all grown up now and even more lethal than ever before. She’s a mean-ass bitch, no doubt.


I am known to have telekinetic powers and the ability to burn you up with my thoughts. Not everyone is endowed with lethal pyrokinesis abilities.

This my brief history or I should say my history in brief. Summarized.


I’m the original. I like moonlit walks on the beach…when they let me. I’m the one no one need worry about. I was once a soap opera star with my own show.  I’m sweet and smart and did I mention pretty?  Typhoid Mary and Bloody Mary are so terribly restrictive, in fact they totally stifle me. They rarely let me, sweet, innocent me, show up for the party anymore. So if I’m invited, you’ll never know who else is gonna show. – Mary Walker


I am in control.  If it hadn’t been for that creep Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was good while it lasted, and until he gave me a wedgie, (like a leg up and out the fuckin’ window) I was fine. It’s him you have to thank. I thought I was his true love, really and now I’m the bad guy?  Fine. I can’t help it if I’m the one that was gifted with Psyonic super powers. It was a gift. Okay?! If I gotta be a witch in this business, so be it.  Someone’s gotta be the bad guy anyway.  Why not me? I’m the fun one. Oh, and if you want vengeance? – Vengeance is mine! – Typhoid Mary


I’m Brutal and Merciless. Those two are squeamish little school girls. Mary faints at the sight of blood. Typhoid lusts for vengeance which makes her unpredictable. Neither of them can control me. I serve a purpose though. I’m calculating and ruthless. I’m the one called in to do the dirty work, because mercy ain’t even in my vocabulary. Plus, I hate men, so killing them is easy – Bloody Mary



Look!  I’m a three in one! You couldn’t get any better than that. Well, I don’t know. Try me.





*Photos are from Chiseled Light Photography, Salt Lake City, UT


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Myrna Mountweasel – why not?

Rainbow Mountains Aka Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, China

Since I can’t travel, I can share. Gorgeous geological and rarely seen mountains


Zhangye Danxia Landform is colorful rock formations Geological Park in Gansu province, China. These rock formations is a unique type of petrographic geomorphology, which can be found only in China. Colored rocks consist of red sand stones and conglomerates of mostly Cretaceous period. Research shows that about 100 million years ago there was a huge indoor swimming pool. Water carried here from the surrounding mud. As a result, global high temperatures, the pool is dry and arid conditions of the oxidized pellet and took rust color. About 70 million years ago, the red layer of 3,700 m thickness was formed in the basin, known as the chalk bed. At the top was a solid layer 1,300 meters thick, the Cretaceous period, the system layer, from which the mountain peaks Danks gradually formed.

Rainbow Mountains Aka Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, China

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