Mary Walker – AKA Typhoid Mary, Bloody Mary

They say she was once sweet, pretty with a very, lethally toxic “personality”. But…which Mary came first?

Take a look. She’s all grown up now and even more lethal than ever before. She’s a mean-ass bitch, no doubt.


I am known to have telekinetic powers and the ability to burn you up with my thoughts. Not everyone is endowed with lethal pyrokinesis abilities.

This my brief history or I should say my history in brief. Summarized.


I’m the original. I like moonlit walks on the beach…when they let me. I’m the one no one need worry about. I was once a soap opera star with my own show.  I’m sweet and smart and did I mention pretty?  Typhoid Mary and Bloody Mary are so terribly restrictive, in fact they totally stifle me. They rarely let me, sweet, innocent me, show up for the party anymore. So if I’m invited, you’ll never know who else is gonna show. – Mary Walker


I am in control.  If it hadn’t been for that creep Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was good while it lasted, and until he gave me a wedgie, (like a leg up and out the fuckin’ window) I was fine. It’s him you have to thank. I thought I was his true love, really and now I’m the bad guy?  Fine. I can’t help it if I’m the one that was gifted with Psyonic super powers. It was a gift. Okay?! If I gotta be a witch in this business, so be it.  Someone’s gotta be the bad guy anyway.  Why not me? I’m the fun one. Oh, and if you want vengeance? – Vengeance is mine! – Typhoid Mary


I’m Brutal and Merciless. Those two are squeamish little school girls. Mary faints at the sight of blood. Typhoid lusts for vengeance which makes her unpredictable. Neither of them can control me. I serve a purpose though. I’m calculating and ruthless. I’m the one called in to do the dirty work, because mercy ain’t even in my vocabulary. Plus, I hate men, so killing them is easy – Bloody Mary



Look!  I’m a three in one! You couldn’t get any better than that. Well, I don’t know. Try me.





*Photos are from Chiseled Light Photography, Salt Lake City, UT


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Myrna Mountweasel – why not?

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