Bio: I'm a blossoming screenwriter who hopes to one day see one of her creations on the big screen. Until then, I keep working at it. I'm somewhat of a late bloomer. For a long time, I was one of those people that didn't know what she wanted to do with her life and when I did, I had a million other demands being made of me and a life filled with "responsibilities" I could not shirk, not to mention people in my life then who made me feel that going for them was selfish. Instead I tried pleasing the people in my life, trying desperately to gain acceptance and pleasing no one, least of all myself. Coming from an abusive family I frequently got lost in film, but I guess the first time I ever thought about being involved in movies is when a friend of my parents saw me dance and sing. I was 15. They took me up to Hollywood to groom me for the big screen. I auditioned at the homes of producer friends but, it didn't happen. At the time, I was too Hispanic looking and in those days, girls like me just didn't get work. Now, every where you turn, girls that looked like me then are everywhere. A few years ago, I was working at a jewelry counter in Sam's Club when a guy comes up to me and asks if I want to be in the movies. I was shocked and skeptical. Hell, I'm old now! Was he yanking my chain? Well, as it turns out I hooked up with an agency, but still no work, not for anything other than extra work. Talking parts were cast in Hollywood and I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado. However it was the extra work that inspired me. How? Well, I was lucky enough to have people on the set show me around the inter-workings of making a film. In this case, it was "Larger Than Life " with Bill Murray. The guy I spoke with was in charge of special effects, handling the mechanics of a toppling building, siphoning of water from the Colorado River with plumbing that would both create a flash flood for the scene I would be in and also showering water down upon us. It was incredible. He explained to me that the coat Bill was wearing had to be dried out each night and when wet, it weighed I don't know how much, but was incredibly heavy and Bill did it over and over again. I was like a kid in a candy store, picking his brain. We had the most amazing time (I know he enjoyed it as much as I having someone hanging on every word) and when it was over, he looked at me, laughed and said, "You'll be back". I don't remember his name, but I will never forget him, the time he took with me and whether he realized it or not, how he inspired me to go for that dream. So, that' how I got here. I want to create incredible things. I want to be an inspiration to my kids, my grand kids and, now great grand kids or anyone else that needs inspiration. If I succeed in nothing more than that, I will be happy. Simple.

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  1. Cool. Happy to see you here. “Find the things you enjoy doing and live a life that shows it.” I read that somewhere and made it my lifes principle. And I realized it is true that as long as we keep seeking there new worlds to be found. Stay around.

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  2. Oh yes, you bet that life starts after 50! We do have a couple thing in common… arline? (not the pilot husband)… traveling around and enjoying it too much… movies and chasing dreams? Yeah, guess that’s the most appelling. Myself I had a terrible adventure with a screenwriter, that’s the reason why I will try hard to do the job myself, unless I find a real special person beliving in a better word. I have quite few friends in the film industry (all great as much they are crazy)…
    I like your bio and the last post (about your life). Keep cool, and forget about Mr. K
    in life you meet people, sometimes just for few hours, or days, or weeks… when they are gone, means they gave you what you needet to get and vice-versa
    Look ahead and enjoy life! See you around :-)claudine

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    1. Oh yes, Mr. K and I will remain friends and friends only. He did give me what I needed at the time.
      Are you producing film? I love the people that touch me for a few hours or a few days. They all leave their mark as I do mine on them. Thank you for your comments! Look forward to hearing from you again.

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  3. Lovely bio, well written and you do not look your age one bit! I guess life really began for me at 50 also-I’m 55 now and still, while I enjoy my writing, I haven’t made a dime yet, but I’m not giving up either. I never thought of screenplays, I’m not that good a storyteller yet, but originally wanted to be a copywriter. I don’t know about that either, as I enjoy creative writing more. That’s why I blog and write on Medium. However, my goal is also to help people while also helping myself, so I hope to someday have a better blog that makes money and gives people something they need and also I hope to be published in some magazines (and paid for it) with my articles on alternative health. Don’t give up, and I will also pray for your son. I appreciate prayers for mine as well. All three, if you don’t mind.😉

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  4. Absolutely! Thank you for much for stopping by, I hope I will get to see more of you!! We all have dreams. That picture is two years old now and in the last few days I fear I’ve aged 10 just from worry. Isn’t that how it goes? My eldest child will be 50 this year and just starting nursing school after to two years of college. So, it’s never too late.


  5. Hey! I just read your latest post ‘A Heart Broken’ and couldn’t find a place to comment so I’m doing it here. You’re such an inspiration, honestly reading your story gives me courage. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been so lost as to what to do with my life and I am looking into screenwriting. Your posts are such a help. Have a great day.

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