Block Editor? F..K It! Don’t Stop – It’s not just Gripe. There’s More.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was able to bail out of it once, but I guess I boasted too soon, now I’m stuck in it and I hate it.

What’s that about teaching an old horse new tricks? Weeeell! Dammit!

I hate all these cues that jump out at me all the time. It’s like whaaat?!

Okay, enough of my ranting now how do I put in the frickin’ pictures? Siiigh.

Now you know why I haven’t posted in awhile.

To be honest since my little sister died, I haven’t felt like it much and then there was COVID… well, I did write about that and a little bit of this and that with the old system. I can’t believe how down I’ve been. So, if you miss me… so sorry.


My neighbor friend and her husband split. I hear there’s one of two things happening right now. People have figured out two things in this pandemic, they either love each other to bits or they can’t stand the sight of each other. Neighbor in point started working out again and got his manly body back in shape and took it out for a test drive never to be seen again. Though I say it humorously it is so sad.


I think my sex life improved because hubby was working home so lunch breaks got interesting.

As I mentioned before, I’m into Korean entertainment and doing my best to learn it. Korean I mean. I can tell you this Hundai, is still pronounced HUNDAI!!! Reading and writing it is tough and some words sound and mean the same in Spanish, so I got a head start there.

I still have a mad crush on KHJ (check it out, my delicious bad boy turned hero and saved someone’s life!!) and I’m having to not talk about it when hubby is around. I think he’s getting a bit worried. Hehe, gotta keep him on his toes. Hubby, I mean. He’s okay with me working out to Kim Hyun Joong songs and other K-Pop tunes. I start out walking up and down the street to FACE by Nu’est – It’s got the best beat for a good start. I live on a mountain, so I go down it at this gate, fast walk and skipping, hands waving.

then go in to various SS501 beats then Super Junior, Henry, BTS, Big Bang, Park Jung Min and so on and so forth. (Kim HyunJoong and Park Jung Min were both SS501 at one time) I wear sunglasses and a ball cap especially when I start dancing, which I do going up the hills in the neighborhood. People might think I’m crazy, but I wave. I’m not kidding you after an hour or more of that, I practice dance in front of the TV to their videos and then it takes me a couple of hours after that to stop dripping enough to actually take a shower. Seriously.

Watch this and tell me it’s not a great cardio workout!

My kid’s love it. They know if mom is this active and versatile, then their future is promising. Sometimes hubby will say something about me acting my age, I remind him how if I hadn’t been this young and active, he wouldn’t have noticed me. His reply?

“Keep doing what you’re doing.” he says. Like right? “Beauty, Beauty” is my inspiration.

I’m not selfish – HUBBY- Has his bike. I let him have all the time he wants to ride with his friends anytime he wants to. It’s a tension release for him and he needs it – home is a safe place.

Out of respect though, I limit active viewing of Korean TV when he’s home. Reading captions after a hard work day at a computer, no less is no fun. I save it for my time alone and try to watch American TV when he’s around. Like MASH and old Westerns. We’re both tired of the news and politics, so old non political shows relax.

To be honest, I think he likes to tease me about it.