What’s Next?

Well, as of today, bars not serving food will once again be closed down through July.

Little by little we are being locked down … again.  So far just the pubs, brewery’s and bars that do not serve food or do not primarily serve as restaurants will close.


I hardly watch the news anymore because it pains me to see history being methodically erased as monuments are torn down and names being changed so as not to offend someone, somewhere.


History is history folks.  It is what it is.  We can’t change what happened hundreds of years ago and just because Christopher Columbus landed on this continent, not North America mind you, does not mean his discovery of this world never happened.  It did. Slavery much to our dismay happened.  In the book Centennial by James Michener, you will read about the morphing of this country.  Bad things happened, but out of those bad things, people survived and changed.  We grew strong as a country.  Change has been slow and in some instances unfair, but it has and will continue to change.  Erasing it fixes nothing.

This came to me when my brother emailed me his memories of my sister.  His memories were far different than mine which didn’t surprise me because that was a realization Diana and I had come to those years we lived together taking care of our parents.  The reality is, yes our lives were like a car wreck.  Just as bystanders and eyewitnesses in an accident will tell a different tale, so we would in telling our own story.  We all saw and experienced things differently.  The one thread of commonality which held us together as children and gave us strength was our love and bond for one another.  Our sanity through our love for one another is what preserved us. Out of our trials we grew stronger together.

The past… or history, I might add, is not unlike the news or our childhood, it is and will always be colored by the opinion of the day or our perception.

I hope someone has sense enough to squirrel away something, somewhere to remember it by.

Us four

That’s all I have to say about that.