Flickr Wednesday: Diana Thorold

Re-purposed and beautiful.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Diana writes:

“I have been involved in ‘the arts’ one way or the other all my life.

Born in Kenya, I lived on a farm and made cards and presents for friends and family – In childhood I learned to use and make from what was around me. … now it is ‘fashionable’ to reuse, recycle.

I run workshops to help people find their creativity.

I have a small seasonal shop ‘Blistering Barnacles’ that I run with my partner.
We make almost everything we sell.

My work on Flickr is more for ‘fun’ – I enjoy entering the groups competitions and manipulating and mangling photos.  I Hope my work inspires you”

Evening Glow

Follow if you will

Thinking of You

Fly Free


Which Way

Remembering Summer Days

The Truth

Essence of Summer

Summer Slides Away


Diana’s Workshop in Sherringham

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