RIP Steve Tilford

My husband follows only one blog. Steve Tilfords.  Why?  Because cycling is his passion.  He’s been riding bikes since he could walk, so Steve Tilford’s blog was right up his alley.

My husband knows I blog and on some occasions he will read my blogs, but generally speaking, he doesn’t follow them. At one time and in his younger days, my husband was an avid cyclist. He cycled in many San Diego competitions, belonged to riding groups, that toured both in and out of state. We’ve earned our living selling cycling gear and equipment, so in light of that, cyclists mean a great deal to us.

So it was devastating to him to learn, when he got home, the news.  So I am passing it on. I know many of you may not be into cycling, some are, but no matter.  I’m sharing this because he was also a fellow blogger.

In my husbands words…

“This guy was a contemporary of mine though attaining a much much higher level of cycling success than I ever knew.  Never met him but felt like I knew him a bit through his almost daily blog which was the only blog I read regularly.  The guy really lived life to the fullest on his own terms.  Reminds me of a line from a song…”Life is short and filled with stuff”.  His life sure was.”

So on behalf of my husband, cyclists and bloggers, I would like to dedicate this post to Steve Tilford, the only blogger my husband ever followed, for the passion they shared in cycling.

I’ve driven that stretch of road and know that it is the end of a long boring stretch through Utah. Grand Junction would have been a logical place to stop to rest, but they were just shy of reaching that destination, in fact only minutes away.

I’m guessing all parties had been driving a long time and were tired and I imagine their reaction time may have been impaired and contributed to this fatality.

Deseret News of Utah states:

Tilford’s last entry on his blog was on Tuesday.

“Heading East. Kind of later than I had thought, but that is a good thing. Little short of time. I’m going through Las Vegas to drop off some stuff to a friend. … Then to St. George, Utah. Vincent has some work there, so he was trying to catch up.”

From San Diego to Grand Junction, that is an approximately 15 hour drive. My guess is they would have tried to make Denver that night, which is another 3-4 hours away.

So sad.

Crash, Bang, Boom

My kids live somewhere where it snows. A lot.  Salt Lake to be specific.

With her son Kash

I realize, I don’t have bragging rights to how my grand kids turn out, at least not directly, but I can still brag.

Becca is one of those people that was in no big hurry to get a driver’s license. In fact the thought of getting behind the wheel terrified her.  But she now had a child, who had to get to school and a job she had to get to.  She was no longer near a bus line she could use to access places she needed to be.  It became a necessary evil.  But, she did it and did well.  I was a little worried, because they live where it snows and is icy at times. I am mortified to drive in those conditions though I did it for years. The first snow of the season was always the worst.  Then in spring when it begins to thaw in the day but it’s still cold at night, you wake up to ice.  She just turned 25 and has only been driving a couple of years.

A couple of weeks ago, she had a fender bender. If I remember correctly, it was her fault. Her accident came with the first snow. The accident wasn’t too bad, but her car still had to be taken in and repaired before she could drive it again.


It just came home from the shop a few days ago.

Then, yesterday morning, WHAM!

Becca lives with her mom, my daughter, in an apartment downstairs. It is almost like a full house, two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and all that. Pretty neat.

Well, my daughter, who’s bedroom sits on the top floor facing out to the street, heard a CRASH and looks out their window to see Becca’s recently restored car on the sidewalk. BANG!


A teen age girl, on her way to school, went somersaulting down this quiet residential street, throwing Becca’s car to the curb. BOOM!

My son in law went out to the street to check on the driver as Andrea went and woke Becca and told her what had happened.


Well, Becca being the sweetheart that she is, responded with “Is anybody hurt?!” Concerned not for her car, but for the driver. When I heard that, I beamed. She didn’t curse and get upset that her car had been hit just two days after getting it back? No, her only concern was for the driver.

As for the girl?   She’s fine. She “says” she was looking at her GPS, which my daughter disbelieves because she’s pretty certain she knows her way to school. Plus, another clue was that her only panicked concern was for her phone, scrambling about, crying “Where’s my phone?!” The only thing important was her phone. Not worried about the now trashed, brand new Audi. Nope. Just the phone.

No apologies for anything, to anyone, nothing. Just “Where is my phone?

When her parent’s came out. They laughed. I wonder if her parent’s are lawyers?

I am grateful.

My Becca is beautiful, both inside and out. And I AM proud.

You took off 12 inches?

Yes, she’s a phone a holic too! But never while driving. In fact, she’s the biggest back seat driver ever. <smile>