What an Inspiration!

There are days I wonder how many years I have left in me to fulfill my dreams and I think of Susan Boyle. If you don’t know who she is, I might ask where have you been hiding?

I think when Susan Boyle came on the scene, she gave hope to everyone. The young, the old, the geeks and the deficient.

Check out this video   SUSAN BOYLE 1st [HD]

It will inspire and humble you.  When this simple woman came on stage, everyone laughed or smiled, but no one expected her to knock their socks off. Simon Cowle (sp) said, he knew they would be in for a surprise, but I don’t think even he knew how it would materialize.

When I hear this woman sing, I cry. Every time.

How many times have I wanted to give up and had this long self talk of “why do you keep at it?”, “you’re just not that good”, “Why don’t you grow up and give up and just live your life peacefully and quietly?” ” Relax like other seniors, find yourself an innocuous hobby like painting”. Scary huh?

I can’t give up though. It’s not in me to give up. So I keep plodding along jotting down story line after story line.  I read somewhere that without dreams, one has no purpose. Dreams and goals keep us alive and can bring you long life. How can it not?

I knew a long time ago I would live a long life. I haven’t given up on the outside, but it’s the inside self talk that wars inside me and if I let it, could get the best of me.

When that happens I must remember this little reclusive woman who dared to come out of hiding and become a star.

I only hope my star will one day shine so bright.