Graduation Trip (part 2)

Weeeell, After what felt like a near death experience with the flu which I thought I’d never get over, I did and none too soon because my oldest “child” was graduating college at 51 years of age!!

Tina got married at 17,

and traveled with her hubby some. Knowing he would one day inherit the bicycle business started by his father, he learned German and Italian, since those were the primary manufacturing locations of their products. So, of course they got to go to Europe several times. Not having children yet, she was able to accompany him on these trips.  For some time, we never thought she’d ever start her family.

When she was in her late 20’s, the business was sold and they did begin their family. At age 29 her firstborn child was born, on the same date my eldest boy was  born. After that came son number two…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and sometime after that came son number three.  It appeared that once the ball started to roll, they couldn’t get it stopped.  Suddenly, she found herself pregnant once again.  I asked her if she wished for a girl, but she said, No! “B—‘s only make boys,  (her brother in law has four boys) besides if I had a girl, I don’t know what I’d do with her,  I know what to do with boys.”  Guess what? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She had a girl.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well for her.  Postpartum depression set in and sadly ruined the momentous occasion.  When she confided in me how she believed she should be happy, but wasn’t, I suggested she see her doctor.  Fortunately, I wasn’t the first person to tell her that.  Her mid-wife gave her a referral and in time, she improved.

By now she was 38.

Five years ago, she decided to finish school and go to college.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that she chose nursing  given  her own previous experience, but I was.  Her whole life, she had been more into holistic healing and the organic approach to health. Yet nursing it was.

Little by little other pieces as to why have fallen into place, giving me clues as to how she came to her decision.

You see her goal is to eventually become a travel nurse.  Her kids are all but gone and she’s seen the need in her travels. She’d been to Nepal for a mission trip some years back, so yes, there is definitely a need. She just returned from Tahiti with her father (a graduation gift) and she was told there was a need there.  There’s always a need, regardless of her age anywhere in the world.


First came the pinning and everyone was there.  Little Ally was in a wheelchair and on pain meds still since her trampoline accident had just occurred a few days earlier.

With her family’s support she completed her schooling, so of course her family was thereto support and cheer her on, with the exception of one brother.  He came out earlier for his grandfather’s funeral, which took place during Spring break while his wife was on hers from teaching.  As foster parents, getting away doesn’t come easy, so it was the best they could do. He did bring his oldest son with him, so it was a good visit.

We get to meet her classmates and some “bestie’s” she made while there.  She made a point of not giving away her age at first, not that it ended up mattering. They loved her.

And finally graduation day:


And more family –

And then it finished off with a party at her house, which for some reason was just us… at first.  It seems the graduates make a circuit run of all their friends and stopped in later.  For some reason, probably because it was way past my bedtime, I didn’t get pictures. Oooops!   Yea!!! She graduated with honors and much thanks to the whole family for their support.

2016/2017 TAG


Hi my friends!

How are you ?

2016 is officially over on the entire planet and 2017 is here to tell us “Hello everybody!!” While we are still struggling with the realization of the dreams and desires that have not come true in the past 366 days, let’s start fresh.

So my friend, theguywhoalwayssaysno , thought to create an amazing: 2016/2017 TAG

What do you think of it ?

Processed with Rookie Cam

I know you are already in love with this TAG, I can hear you all now.

Surely I’m not the first to send a tag, nor will I be the last, so do not start unnecessary arguments about who had the idea first, but have fun and that’s it.

It’s the first TAG that I’ve ever done, so we will learn together the rules and everything else:  I want to know all your secrets, so I’m super happy and fomented. ( lol)


So, let’s start!


  • Use the image that you find in this article.
  • Mention the blogger who has chosen you.
  • Answer the questions, below.
  • Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know through a comment on their blog.

Nutsrock, Badfish, londoner18, Roberta Pimentel, Richardo, Quill & Parchment, Calensariel, Notewords, Bunkaryudo.



  • Describe your 2016 in 3 words.
  • Write the name of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.
  • Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.
  • Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.
  • Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016 (even global event).
  • Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want link a photo.
  • Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.
  • Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017.
  • Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017

My Answers

  1. All is forgiven
  2. Two people:  My two independent daughters, Andrea and Tina. (They count as one since they share many of the same qualities and are the embodiment of me), and Julia Pajot – A music film composer from France who stayed with me this year and enriched my life in more ways than she knows.
  3. Laguna Beach – We could see kayakers in the water; see north and south beaches, plus ships and islands in the distance. Very pretty.
  4. Lunch at

5. Surprisingly, the deaths of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Not because they meant very much to me, so much as that mother and daughter would die so closely together. (I’ve heard of spouses doing so but not mother/ daughters) It is a reminder of how fragile one’s life is and how nothing is guaranteed.

6. I don’t do extravagant but – A bathrobe for my hubby. He’s never owned one before and after 25 years I only just learned that.

7. Three good intentions:  a. Take control of my eating habits, (ie cutting back on sweets) b. Finish and promote my own personal screenwriting works. C. Complete a successful adaptation of one of my fellow blogger’s amazing stories. (To be kept under wraps until further notice.) Wish us success!

8.  I used to travel a lot but haven’t in many years.  I would love to visit somewhere outside this country, other than Mexico. Will this be the year?

9. Foods to try. Hmmmm… I don’t know of anything I haven’t tried. Perhaps a local dish of wherever I get to go? Nothing specific comes to mind other than that.

Aaaaand it’s done!

I really hope you liked it my friends!

And now it’s YOUR turn: ENJOY IT!

Road Trips –

A departure from my “Detours”

You know it’s dangerous to think too much, but here I am thinking.

Today, I am detouring “Detours”.  I’m going to share something fun I hope.


As I may have mentioned before, my sister “D” and I are best friends. She is far more “spiritual” than I, in a good way and that’s a good thing. She makes up for me missing church and I cherish her emails.

Today, she shared something that put a smile on my face because it brought back some long forgotten memories of us as children.

She started out saying how “even though we need to be aware of what’s going on in the world, we also need the feel-goods, those precious things in life that make us laugh and want to hug people.”

I couldn’t agree more.

She proceeds to tell me how as she was driving yesterday she passed a park and saw a line of children walking, perhaps part of a summer program headed to a nature trail nearby. In the line, a few of the girls were waving at the passing motorists and the motorists for the most part paying them no mind.  “D”  however responded with a smile and wave much to the delight of the girls, who immediately began hopping up and down waving even more furiously. What heavenly innocence!

I thought how amazing that such a small gesture could mean so much to them.  And in “D” s words, “it made me laugh.   They were thrilled because someone acknowledged them.   That was a feel-goodEmoji  Luvu”

As I was reading of her experience, it reminded me of the many little things that would delight us as children many, many years ago. One such were road trips.

On the road.
On the road.

In the old days, long ago there was law no such thing as seat belt requirements. No law prohibiting children from bouncing around loosely in the back of a pick up truck. Long gone are the days when we kids would pile in the back of a borrowed pick up truck, “borrowed” because we didn’t own one, so it had to be borrowed or we were with someone my parents knew and we’d either be sitting and/or standing if it had rails. And, it was not uncommon to see us wave vigorously at passing motorists trying to get their attention, all the while doing our best to maintain our balance. When “D” mentioned the delight of those girls, it brought back to me the warm feeling I would get inside when someone smiled back. In those days, we frequently got wavers and interestingly I remember the profound sadness I would feel if someone didn’t wave.

On long trips, the four of us would often be seen lined up on our knees in the back seat facing the cars behind us and oh the giggles we kids would break into seeing the responding friendly faces. Occasionally, parents could be seen talking and pointing when suddenly their children would emerge from the back and crowd in from behind all of them waving enthusiastically.

Beach in Florida

Then there was the thrill of the horn blast of a trucker who responded to the arm signal to”blow your horn” . We actually got to see the country. Dad would point out landmarks and tell the history behind it and/or a story of an experience he had there when he hitch hiked across the country as a young man. It was interesting to us.

We’d entertain our selves in many ways. Sometimes we would count cars or see how many different state license plates we could spot. I’m sure we tired our parents out with several renditions of “99 bottles of beer in the wall” (my favorite) and I don’t know how many more of “Old MacDonald” and “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly”, devising so many interesting things to kill the old gal with or how many varieties of animals we’d give good ol’ Mac.

We delighted in reading Burma Shave signs and whoever spotted one first got to read them.  Being the oldest and able to lean in furthest over daddy’s shoulders, of course I got to read the most.  My brother was next in line. “D” being far younger and not quite able to read as quickly just sat back and enjoyed the rest of us reading aloud. “S”, even though she is barely 13 months younger than I, got to read on occasion. In those days we thought she might be retarded because she was “slow” but she could read even though she wasn’t as quick as us. She was a scrapper. If I said I found it first she’d get in a dither and shout angrily, “nahuh, I got it first!”   I speculate now that she has a form of autism, we just didn’t have a name for it then.

Oh, the squabbles we would get into in that back seat. Yes, the memory of them makes me smile.

When we would get too out of hand dad would reach in back with his club-like hands and thump us on the head and tell us to “sit down!”.  I don’t recall that he ever pulled over to pull down our britches and beat our behinds. It was interesting that something that would have driven me crazy didn’t bother our parents, who in normal circumstances could be exceedingly violent.  Trips for some reason put them in a tranquil mood and they were generally calm and pleasant to be with.

Road trips, once on the journey were usually our fun times. Even a day trips to the mountains, the beach or a park could brighten our day. EIMG_2403ven mom’s.

How simple those days were… the days before hand held devices now being used to keep kids entertained. The days when we actually saw the sites.

Some will never see what a beautiful country we live in.


Just so you know, my detour posts are designed to be cathartic to me and no one else. It will culminate in where I find myself today and hope to be soon.

For all practical purposes, I am throwing it (my demons) out into the universe to be done with them. I know it’s a selfish act and a means to an end.  Little by little even if you find these blogs depressing I hope it will bring the demons I have quarreled with for years to an abyss I can throw them in. Perhaps my journey will mean nothing to anyone or everything to someone else; if it does then that’s an added plus.