Storm’s a Brewin Pa!

It is storming in California and that’s something to write about.

Storms in California don’t come close to being as intense as those in Alabama nor the snow storms of Colorado.  Somehow because of its terrain it is unaccustomed to such an onslaught of wind and moisture resulting in a fair amount of damage.

I have a young lady visiting me from France and she’s telling me they are not unlike those storms in the basque country. It seems to me if that were true, she wouldn’t be so enthralled, standing at the back door watching the wind heave palm trees back and forth.

Palm leaves blown down
Branches broken

But then she has many child like qualities, so it could be she has not lost a child’s fascination for storms.  At least they don’t frighten her like they did my step mom.

In Alabama, my dad had this one room without windows for that very reason. It was Rita’s “safe” place.

Rita had been through the war in Italy where her family had spent a good deal of time hiding.  Especially the girls.  Families would hide their girls when the German troops came through to prevent them from being taken and violated.

When Katrina blew through, Rita had already passed on, but Russ and I were living there and yes it did feel much safer.

I remember hearing the sirens going off and you could hear the wind blowing furiously overhead. Fortunately, Dad’s place in general was pretty secure. His house was situated on the northwest side of a small valley and when tornadoes blew through, you could almost imagine them skimming over the top but never dipping down as the winds howled and screamed. With Katrina being the exception, which tore up Daddy’s greenhouse and its clear fiberglass siding, we were pretty much “snug as bug ” there. What was interesting is how just before it hit, everything would get ominously quiet. Spooooky.

This year in California and today, we’ve had it all. Rain, Wind, Lightning, Thunder and hail. The water coming down the street was gushing over the curbs. Wind wailing and dark skies made you think it would last forever. Now it’s clear.

In Colorado, the ground was so porous and the weather so dry, that moments after a storm such as that, it would look as though nothing had ever happened.  The only give away being that things did look greener, softer and clean.

We lived in the high desert part of Colorado on the Utah border, so when I say Colorado, people usually envision lots of trees and mountains. That’s not where we were. It was desert.

Alabama on the other hand was extremely green.  Even when they complained of drought, it rained at least once a week.  There the soil was accustomed to getting lots of water, so droughts affected them completely different.  You’ve heard of sink holes? Well when the south doesn’t get enough rain, you get sink holes.

I have nightmares about sink holes.

After that guy got swallowed up, bed and all in Florida, I couldn’t sleep.  We were in a drought then. There were already signs of sink holes in the streets, where pockets were showing up. I didn’t know this about the south. Needless to say I worried about sink holes.

I don’t think California has to worry about that.  They have mudslides, earthquakes and flash floods, but no sink holes that I know of.

Spring came early as Punxsutawney Phil said it would and we’ve enjoyed mostly warm and springy days so far. So we can’t complain.

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It is currently March and already we’ve had two major storms in the past two months.

Isn’t it supposed to be “April showers bring May flowers?”

I wonder what April will look like then?

I can hardly wait.




Aaron Schock for President

I think the GOP would be remiss not to have Mr. Schock run for president.   I also think he’d be the best candidate to run against Hillary.  Why? Besides being a headliner at the moment, he’s good looking, smart, he has a fresh perspective and just might be what this country needs to bring the parties together. And, he’s good looking.

Hello?   Has anyone not noticed the Obama comments regarding Iraq and the “unintentional” results of the Iraqi war?  Hey, how obvious can you be?  Everyone knows that’s being thrown out there to “blame Bush” and Republicans. Democrats are pros at positioning themselves.

Aside from that, I think it’s interesting that Schock chose to step down.  I’m really curious as to all the why’s that brought him to this decision. (see link below of all the accusations which pale by comparison to those made of the Clinton’s in times past).

Seriously why should he step down? Hillary hasn’t and she won’t either no matter how much scandal dogs her.  The fact is, scandal is her middle name and has been since…forever.

S c a n d a l   i s   h e r   f r i e n d.

What does scandal get her?  Lots and lots of free publicity, not to mention SYMPATHY.  Oh yeah, everyone knows the best way to get people on your side is to be a victim.  “Poor thing, everyone is picking on her.” Of course we all know that Hillary is anything but a victim.

Hillary is a very clever woman and … Aaron pay attention here, what does she do?

SHE RIDES IT OUT.  She smiles, makes a few “logical” excuses (after she has thought it out carefully (of course) and puts her ducks in a row) then acts like everything’s perfectly fine.  She’s a pro.

Politico states “…as his prominence grew, Schock adopted an expensive lifestyle — staying in luxury hotels, dining at pricey restaurants, flying on private jets.”

Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?  If you recall when Mr. Obama took office, Mrs. Obama came under fire for taking frivolous and expensive personal trips (running into the millions) with extended members of her family, the government footing the bill … perfect! Yes, I know they all do it ie Laura Bush went to Africa seven times?

My point is he’s already there. Spending, living, acting and thinking like the president!!

I believe he has an amazing opportunity here.  Even the Democrats see him as being the best thing the GOP has going for them and let me see as CNN stated today. He is (was) the most “promising” young leader Republicans have. They like him!

Then I got to thinking, is he getting ready to jump ship – switch sides? There’s that too.

Everything I’ve read indicates that he’s not afraid to back Democrats if he thinks it’s the right thing to do, so back to my earlier statement and some Republicans (and/or Dems) may not like this, how better to bring our country together? What a concept. Could he be the one to get the parties to actually work together “for the people”? Would he? What a novel idea.

I am so sick of  party wars.  No one conceding because they don’t want the other party to look good or score points because they’ve actually made a decision “for the people”.  I thought politicians were to support and represent the common man?  What happened to that?

I’m sick of politicians lining their pockets, looking out for their own interests, and living by a different standard than what they dictate to the masses or making laws and decisions they will never have to live by?

I’m sick of our government giving more rights to outsiders than those who are legitimate residents. Case in point, an illegal in California can get a drivers license by showing just a proof of address whereas a legal resident (me) cannot get one without a birth certificate, passport, marriage and divorce documentation from all previous marriages and practically giving up my firstborn.

Okay, I will admit I’m probably getting into deep water here, but I am a very common sense-ical person. I see things simply and I make an effort to not pay attention to all the crap I see or hear in the media and what I do hear, I try not to let it color what makes sense. Does that make sense? <grin>


It makes sense to me that welfare should be temporary.  That people should be given incentives to work, not crippled by a lifetime of handouts.  All that perpetuates is a generation of entitlement and people with low self esteem and morals, not to mention the morale of the one working their tail off so that others can get a “free” ride. Why work when you can make more money on the dole?

It makes sense to me that people who have worked their whole lives putting into Social Security so they could have a cushion in their old age, shouldn’t have to see it thrown or ripped away from them and given to those who have not.

What didn’t make sense to me was the Iraqi war, but it didn’t make sense to me either that Bush got blamed for the twin towers and Katrina. (Yes, I’ve heard the conspiracy theories about that) I was watching the film Independence Day recently and I see Bush reacting as Bill Pullman did, “Why wasn’t I told about this?”

It makes sense that less is more.  I like the scripture in the Bible where Jesus states that the ten commandments can be summarized by only two commands.  ONE. That you love God with your whole heart, soul and mind. TWO. That you love your neighbor as yourself. How easy is that?

It makes sense to me that political correctness violates so many laws in of itself.  Stop and think about it.  If you prevent one person of expression because you think it might “offend” another, then you’ve violated that first persons rights.  Not to mention that it opens up another can of worms, giving prejudice power and causing greater division.

Gun laws so suck.  Face it. Bad guys will still get guns, they don’t give a flip about laws, that’s why they’re bad. It also leaves the general populace vulnerable.

So if Aaron Schuck can pony up and fight rather than back out and down then give him a chance.  He couldn’t do any worse than anyone else the last few years. I think it’s time for someone young and with fresh new eyes take office.

Having said all that, ah heck boot them all out!!

Addendum:  I think it’s interesting that Hillary’s controversial emails has to do with the Chinese contributing large amounts of money toward her campaign.  Is it coincidence that Josh Whedon’s “Firefly” series predicted the Chinese dominating the world or has the handwriting been on the wall for some time and the rest of us (me) just didn’t see it?

Just sayin’

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