The Beginning

I suppose I must start somewhere.

This is my first entry. Check out my “about me” page for a short bio. Actually, I think I need to add more to that, but for now, it is a beginning.

It is my endeavor to use this blog to vent and share what makes me, me. I hope it will be interesting, but more importantly I want it to be a place I can express myself more fully and maybe help someone on their journey.

In my story of family, you will get a glimpse of who I am through the people who have affected my life. It isn’t always going to be pretty, but like everyone, our “color” comes from that. It’s who we are and how we become who we are.

I find it interesting that many people have their “sad” beginning stories, but you don’t have to be damaged by it. My sharing is to show that it’s our choice to rise above our experiences in life. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but it can be done. These experiences who make us who we are will sometimes be what bogs us down and keeps us from achieving our life’s dream.  For me, it’s to be a successful writer. No, screenwriter!  You can hate or love my work. That’s ok. If you have an opinion, I want to hear it.  If you like the premise, the story or whatever, I want to hear it.

That’s all. Thanks for stopping by.

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