I love Christmas, even though I don’t celebrate it as I once did because my children live in different states and it just isn’t feasible anymore to get together as we once did when we lived in close proximity of one another.

Finances and busy lives also contribute to us not getting together.  My brother and his new wife live nearby,  as do another brother  and sister. but over the years we’ve grown apart and I have found that we have nothing in common anymore.  My step sister is quite a bit younger than I but still investing in her declining youth. She still looks awesome, don’t get me wrong, but when do you get to the point of it is what it is? I don’t know how many times they’ve refinanced their home in order for her to indulge her vanity.

Her husband is in to UFO’s and conspiracy theories. Their son is a computer geek. Nice kid, but seldom has anything to say. In fact, no one does. My other sister’s son is an officer in the Navy and he too has little to say.

My other brother, keeps my husband entertained at these gatherings and that’s on the plus side.  Having grown up in a family of conversationalists how did this happen? My older brother will talk your ear off about planes, firefighting and airline stuff. My younger sister Di can hold her own and throw in a dash of humor to boot but she lives across the country. But the step siblings? How did everyone get so boring and they all have degrees coming out the wazoo?!

I do realize I’ve aged some and maybe I’ve just lost interest in what appeals to them. I know we’re miles away politically, that doesn’t help. The two things you stay away from is politics (unless you share the same beliefs) and religion. Right?

What’s interesting is that most people in the entertainment field seem to be advocates of the Democratic Party. Many educated are also inclined in that direction.  My niece likens Republicans to Pizza Hut and Democrats to J. Crew.  That didn’t make sense to me because aren’t the poor the backbone of the Democratic party dissing big business and proponents of government hand outs?

Personally, I find fault with both parties. I guess all parties and government generally speaking.  They all lie. They don’t know how to cooperate and work with one another to make the average Jo like me happy.  There’s just too much control. Too much squabbling and comparing anatomy parts. In increments, we have lost our right to think and speak freely because everything can and will offend someone, somewhere. So, there are no freedoms. None. This blog could and will offend.

I don’t mean it to, but it will.

People are mad at Obama for Obamacare, the multiple beheadings,   Sony and the Ferguson debacle. In fact, of late he’s been on everyone’s doodoo list. Those same people are still angry at Bush for bringing down the twin towers, causing Katrina and the Iraqi war, which if anyone remembers was voted on by both parties, live and in front of millions of people.  Oh, but after the tempers cooled down they changed their mind and then it became strictly Bush’s fault. See what I mean?

I would like to see for the coming year, a resolution by all man to make an effort to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Don’t be quick to judge. Be respectful of police officers who have a tough enough job as it is. Give them credit for what they do right. Give all those that serve us in one fashion or another consideration. Respond with kind words and gestures. Be patient. A kind word and a smile goes a long way.

On a good note. It’s Christmas. I love what it stands for Peace on earth and goodwill to all.  A time to forgive, rejoice and look forward. I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday in whatever way you celebrate, be it Hannukah, Chanuka or Christmas. Enjoy the time with your family and celebrate life.  – Jo

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