Stories to Tell

I have spent most of the day trying to create a new Facebook page that features my writing.

I’ve only asked those who I thought would be interested and/or might not get offended at some of the topics I choose to write about.  So, needless to say I didn’t include my husband.  He did not like my Aaron Schock “story” at all.

I meant it tongue in cheek, of course… NOT apologizing but it is ironic.

Okay, it was a little dark and heavy, but as I worked out  on the elliptical machine at the gym with two stations glaring right at me, I felt compelled. Both covered the Aaron story with a slightly different slant and then… followed it with a story of Hillary. I couldn’t resist. Nuff said!

The picture I used for the background for my new joliesattic account on Facebook is of my grandson.  I liked this picture because it ties into a new screenplay I’m creating.

It’s about ” The Princess and the Boy.”  I’m only a few pages into it, but I think it’s going to be awesome.

It’s about a little troubled boy who meets a little princess and follows her to her castle, but of course nothing is as it appears to be. Stay tuned…

I will link it when it’s ready but for now that’s all you get.

Sometimes it just feels good to write.

Okay now.  I keep trying to publish this and it’s not letting me… Did I do something wrong?

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