IMG_2403I’m on a writing jag right now, compiling all info for rewriting Baja, which may get renamed.  While doing so I got carried away fleshing out characters, watching films, taking notes, chillaxing watching sunsets and all that goes into creating a story.

I have a story and when I sent it in to the Austin Film Festival, they were kind enough to suggest that I give my female lead more angst between her and the antagonist which happens to be her father and expand the other women characters giving them more to do.  It has come to my attention, not that I was not aware of it before, that there is a shortage of meatier roles for women, so that is a need I am determined to fill.

Needless to say, I am looking at women more closely. How they move, how they talk, dress and interact.

You are probably wondering why I’ve never done that before, truth is I was never a woman’s woman.  I like guys. I can show you how they walk, talk and gesture when they do. Guys have their own unique swagger.  Women don’t. My daughters are the same way.

So, I’ve had to study women.

The more I pondered my baja6needs, I got to thinking about some of the women I do know and realized I have quite a few strong women in my life.  Women, who if someone they loved got into a jam or was threatened, would threaten right back.  A few even know how to handle a gun and one is adept at handling several types of weapons even though she looks quite feminine. So, there ya go, I’ve got my characters.

I had an arsenal to work off of after all and they’ve all been given notice. One day, they just may make it in my movie.

Their personalities that is, of course… and yes, that lady up there is one of the ladies I know.

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