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The most frequently unanswered question is “Why?” Why do you think that is?  Is it because no one wants to really consider the answer?

I believe it a product of the superficial world we live in. No one wants to take the time to teach or figure out the why.  Yet, as I read the propounding of so many of my fellow bloggers, isn’t that the point of their self expression?

As I consider my own meanderings, I have to say most of it has to do with trying to understand why.  Why do people do the things they do?  Why do they delight in hurting one another?  In hurting the innocent? Do they even know why?  Sadly many don’t. People in general don’t even take themselves serious enough to analyze motive.

Yet, how are we with our children or grandchildren?  It’s okay to say “I don’t know…”, but how much better to follow it with, “but let’s find out.” Just think about it, it means taking “time”, that many people are too busy to do.

My muse today came from my daughter Andy.  I think I need to get her into blogging, but I decided to add my own “Why’s” because even after all these years I still recall how when I asked “Why”, my father responded with, “Children should be seen and not heard”. Sad.


I’m stealing the following from my youngest daughter’s Facebook page: Andrea in cockpit

“When I was a kid they taught math in stages. The teacher says there is a rule and to just do it. They promised that you’ll understand it later. And then there’s that one kid who, me, who insists on knowing why.

No matter how much my teachers swore I didn’t need the WHY, they were wrong. I did.

I changed majors in college to avoid further math because I could not find a professor willing to explain to me WHY.

That semester I found that one teacher. I told him I had changed my major over math issues.

He hung his head low and said, “I wish I could have had you when you first got here.”

I asked him, “Why?”

He said, “Because it matters. The WHY matters. And too many people stop asking. And too many teachers stop teaching. And too many WHY’s go unanswered.”

I understand why teachers taught that way. It’s the same in many things we learn. Baby steps. It’ll all come together.

But some of us, not many, have the ability to see the whole picture and choose to work the puzzle one piece at a time anyway.

Knowing the details doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in them.”

It was interesting to me that her teacher would fail abominably and not answer her question.
I was more fortunate than she, because I remember a girl in my math class saying, she didn’t understand why she needed it and I will never forget his answer.
He said, the world is a composed of math. Everything is a result of some equation. Our bodies are a composition of matter which varies from person to person based on their size and weight.
1/Db = w/Dw + f/Df + p/Dp + m/Dm 
Db = overall body density, w = proportion of water, f = proportion of fat, p = proportion of protein, m = proportion of mineral, Dw = density of water, Df = densityof fat, Dp = density of protein, Dm = density of mineral

Maybe that was a bit too deep, because she responds with...
"Okay, so?", she says.  "I'm just going to get married and have kids. I don't need math."

I looked around as I observed other girls, nodding in agreement. (That many thought that was all there was to life?) 

He smiled patiently and went on and broke it down even moresimply. "You will need to cook, won't you? and clean?"  
housewife workShe says, "Yes."  

"Well, what if you have a recipe for 6 people but there are only three or maybe four of you? Or better yet, a large group of 15 or 20?" 
She shrugs.  
"You will need to know how to divide and subtract and multiply that recipe to feed them."
He let that sink in.

Then he illustrated other ways math is used in day to day wifely duties and ended with, "Math is used in everything" 

My point is, this teacher took the time to get his student back into the game.
I will say this about him. Even though there were things I didn't like about this teacher,(he was always promoting his own political agenda's) I did like the fact that he didn't blow her off and cared enough to take the time needed to explain and answer her "Why." 

Answering the "why" doesn't apply always to answering other people's why.  What about your "why"?  
Are you answering or finding your own?

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