Hijacked by Street Art

This is too amazing not to share!

Loud Alien Noize

Abandoned Parisian Nightclub 


The site of a stunning 1885-era Parisian municipal bathhouse, HOME to the previous Les Bains Douches Nightclub, is now set to be revamped into a Luxury Boutique Hotel. Earlier this year, a group of 50 Art practitioners filled it up with their own art, creating their very own pop up art gallery from it. streetartchildren00


Built as a municipal bathhouse in the late 19th century, Les Bains-Douches would eventually become one of the hottest Night Clubs in Paris known simply as Les Bains, a destination for the likes of Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Johnny Depp and even Andy Warhol. Due to some faulty construction in 2010 the building was declared a safety hazard and is now slated for complete RENOVATION in just a few days to pave way for La Société des Bains, a new space that will open in 2014. In…

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10 thoughts on “Hijacked by Street Art

    1. I don’t know, but it is amazing how much throw away art there is. Just think these laborious works could be gone. Hopefully the photographs will memorialize them. Maybe I’m over thinking that. hehe

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  1. well as hard as it is to say goodbye to certain buildings – especially in Paris – oh my – I sometimes think it is like the forest – some big trees need to go so new saplings can grow – and maybe the new structure will be around much later for future generations….

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