Discovery Challenge: In the style of MOISES LEVY

In Oceanside where I live, we have a pier.  It was told to me that it was the longest pier,  but it’s not. I think someone got it confused with the Ocean Beach pier, which is only the longest in the county at about 2,000 ft. whereas Oceanside’s Pier is 1,942 ft. Pretty close. No matter, it is still cool. In fact, if you can, catch it at different hours of the day and seasons, the varied exposures and settings can be truly amazing, whether you shoot in color or black and white. At the end of the pier stop by Ruby’s for great hamburgers and milkshakes. I go for their cones. Yum!

Two blocks from the pier, each Thursday, we have a market day. In the morning there is the Farmer’s Market, presenting produce from local farmers. In the evening is the Oceanside Sunset Market, offering foods from all around the globe, artisan booths and music and the local bars remain open for imbibing should that be your choice.

Oceanside also boasts as being the location where several films have been made. The “Top Gun” house is still there, though looking pretty shabby. 007’s Diamonds are Forever was filmed there and at the pavilion located at the pier’s base is where the “Bring It On” cheer leading finale was filmed.

That’s our Oceanside.


Today’s featured picture is done in the style of Moises Levy.  Then, one could perhaps say it is like Alin Ciortea, who is actually more famous for his nudes.  I mention two, more to introduce you to new artists that are known for their black and whites. Alin is from Romania and Moises from Mexico.

Please check them out:

This week, publish a post in the style of a writer or artist you admire, or in the style of another genre. You don’t have to write about politics or current events to give this a try — you could just as easily:

Publish on any topic you’d like, but with a new lens — who knows what you might reveal?

The pier at dusk and shot further back, closer to it’s entrance which gives you a better perspective of length and me walking my dog with the pier in the background. Fun times!

16 thoughts on “Discovery Challenge: In the style of MOISES LEVY

  1. His photographs are beautiful. I also like yours very much. I used to live by the ocean in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I loved living there. I think black and white photos seem to say so much more than color. I’m not sure why, except there are less distractions for the eye.

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  2. Gorgeous photographs. I really enjoyed reading this. I think you did a great job with the prompt and I think you had some of the humorous tone of the prompt. This piece came across as a little light hearted in the best sense. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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  3. Great shot, I immediately thought, how would you like to have to walk to work down that every day? (Ruby’s) Maybe the employees ride a bike, skateboard, or roller skate to work, lol.

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  4. Oh this post makes me both happy and so sad. In September we took probably our very last trip to Oceanside. It’s been a favorite stomping ground since childhood. (I grew up in Pacific Beach)

    My best friend had a condo on the ocean side of North Coast Village but moved to Spain and had to finally sell it so we took the train down to spend the last couple of weeks there and drive his car back up to Washington State where I now live.

    I also came back down for 3 weeks a year to vacation in Carlsbad and then Oceanside for 25 years after I moved North. I love the pier. I love the Market. I love Anita’s! I will really miss Oceanside!

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    1. Why was that your last trip? The pier is awesome and a cone at Ruby’s, the finishing touch. I forgot to mention my husband lived on Reed street in PB and went to Peanut Butter Jelly High, as he refers to it. He’s considerably younger that both of us. LOL, but you may have been neighbors.

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      1. I just think no more vacation-like trips are in the cards for us. Our only family is in the deep South, including my daughter (who I did not meet until she was 23 years old…there’s a story for you!) so if we go on a trip, it’s likely to be down there. Sigh. Oh man do I miss the beach..PB AND North County beaches!!! Most of the sunset shots on my blog are from Oceanside. Hey, I have considerably younger sisters. Ask your husband if he knew anyone named Bessey when he was at PB and J High. Love connecting with you.

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