Stabbed 37 Times

Hello blog friends.  I’ve been MIA from the blog community and will unfortunately be a long time trying to catch up on past blogs.

I had to depart suddenly as my brother was stabbed by a “tenant” he was evicting from his home.  He is fortunately recovering well. The trauma team was amazing and repaired his heart and lung, damaged in the altercation. We have determined he comes from sturdy stock, because it was a miracle he did not die.  Although he did say he remembered a “gold” room where he saw mom and his dad, both deceased. So who knows?

I cannot say enough thanks to all those who came to render support. It was very inspiring at how so many coworkers and friends showed up for the next few days. I think it helped for him to know so many family members and friends came to his side and offer if nothing else moral support.  It was a tenuous few days but he is doing well.

It was also cool to hear stories from previous Air Force buddies who told us stories about his knack for picking up strays and rehabilitating them, making mascots of some that stayed with them during their service.  Not surprising.

My brother Michael is one who has a big heart.   He has a tendency to take in troubled youth and this one was more trouble than he ever anticipated. Having been a foster child himself, he knows how young people may sometimes need a break. Despite the fact that this young man had assaulted his own mother and grandparents,  Michael was determined to give him a chance. I am unclear as to how old he was but I’m guessing he is in his early 20’s and still at large.

All the way over there, (I drove) I kept remembering the first time, I saw Michael as he got off the plane with his older sister to live with us. He had been in a foster home in Boston and both he and his sister were just as cute as could be. He was 5 and she 7 and I was in love immediately.  I had just turned 18 that day, so I always thought of them as my birthday present. It still brings nostalgic tears to my eyes.

He was wearing a little beanie, shorts & jacket, knee high socks and a big, big smile. I wish I’d had an iPhone then, but no matter, it’s permanently engraved in my memory. Tears fell when I told him.

His buddy, “Jim” was telling us stories and the one that stuck in my mind was about a dog, they would later call “Runway”.  He said, it was near death and rescued by Michael, taken to the vet and how Michael didn’t bat an eye as he promptly plopped down several hundred dollars to have her looked at and treated. She came to live on the base in, I think he said, Minot? (Not sure.) She was there for a good many years before she died.

Michael was a mechanic for military aircraft and I remember how he was always bouncing back and forth between there and Saudi.  After retirement, he went to work for Boeing on what I suspect are aircraft requiring top secret clearances.( I only know because his family always has to be cleared as well, which they do periodically for his job. No clue what he does though.  One year, we went through it twice as my son’s MSG assignment required it as well )

In the last couple of years Michael has fought cancer, gone through chemo, had a stent put in his heart which the nurses and docs commented on as he had a possible attack while in surgery. Shortly after that he had back surgery, so he’s had a very busy year. Despite all that, my daughter and I were amazed at his ability to bounce back.  He was disappointed when the docs nixed his bike riding days for several months. Sigh!  No holding this guy down.

We hope he will get to go home soon, though maybe with his wanting to get up and get going might be harder to control.

In the meantime, his assailant has not been apprehended.  We called the police and asked about this, but he lives in a city where law enforcement is overwhelmed with stabbings and other grave crime.  I was shocked at how many more had made the news in just 24 hours!!

With my other brothers help we changed locks on his home and my daughter and I cleaned up what had not been picked up yet.

It might interest everyone to know that his nurses were mostly men and his trauma doctor was a woman.  Progress. My, how times have changed!

The trauma doc didn’t look like she’d hit 30 yet, but she was phenomenal and just as great about explaining what she did and even answered my other daughter’s questions (on the phone) and who’s in nursing school.  Living in a small town, incidents like this would be rare and she was disappointed she was not in a place where she could attend to her uncle.  I took pictures of all the data on equipment, tubes in and out of him and wounds for her to observe. With his permission, of course.

Sorry, no pictures that are releasable.

Just so you know: If I don’t “Like” or “comment” on your blogs,  do not despair. It may just be too overwhelming to catch up.

POST SCRIPT:  He is a hardy soul. What I failed to mention was that most were defensive wounds, still serious of course because of the possibility of infection, but only about a third were in vital areas. For awhile they were not sure of tendon damage, as the ones in his arms did affect movement but only for a few days, so they didn’t have to go back in for more surgery to repair them. So that was good.

Thanks for all your well wishes.

45 thoughts on “Stabbed 37 Times

    1. Yes, I agree. He and the morphine button have become well acquainted, even though it will be necessary to stop in order to finish healing. I understand it can somehow impede lung healing. Something like that.


      1. Yes, since morphine is a drug that can actually cause him to stop breathing. Morphine, acts like a depressant in some ways and can cause him to stop breathing and it can cause his heart to stop working for him as well. There are much better drugs to give to someone who is dealing with a limited lung ability right now. In the meantime I will be praying for your brother, you and your family as you all deal with this I pray that the police will quickly apprehend the assailant. So glad that your brother has survived!!

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  1. Oh my dear, I am so sorry to read this – “like” is only to indicate to you that I did. I can’t believe you even found the time to let people know what was going on – and it is no surprise that you will not be commenting, reading or replying. Do what you must for your family AND for yourself. Blogs keep.

    I have said a prayer for the continued health and safety for your brother, for you, and for your entire family.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  2. I appreciate that. He was actually released today, but will need a nurse part time. He will need counseling as well, I’m thinking because he said he was frightened to be in his home. Unfortunately, I am home now and he’s five states over, so my support is long distance now. I just arrived home today.Thank you for your response.


  3. I’m shocked and sorry to hear this. Thank God he made it and is recovering. I would be afraid to be in my home too. I can certainly understand that. I’m also sorry it happened to him when he was trying to help someone. That young man must be seriously disturbed and I pray the police will find him. I pray God will be with him and give him comfort, strength and healing.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear the news, Jolie. You are in the middle of it, still take so much time to post this. I appreciate all the detail so that I know how to pray for you and your brother. He seems to be a tough guy. What you described that he was in a “gold” room and saw his mom and dad, but he woke up. That was incredible. It’s God’s mercy that he suffered from 37 stabbed wounds and survived in addition to his previous cancer. You and your brother Michael and your family are on my thoughts and prayers. I understand when you take a break. Perhaps you could post a few words for the update but don’t feel you have to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on other blogs. Take care, and God be with Michael and you!!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. He said he had a difficult night but is in good spirits. He is a hardy soul. What I failed to mention was that most were defensive wounds, still serious of course, but only about a third were in vital areas. For awhile they were not sure of tendon damage, as the ones in his arms did affect movement but only for a few days, so they didn’t have to go back in for more surgery to repair them. So that was good.


      1. Oh, good. I hope the friends continue coming to help until he is healed. I’m sure a great guy like him has great friends. It’s good to hear. Yes, make sure you take care of yourself. Posting here and there is enough for you right now. Thank you for the good news!

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  5. Jolie, words cannot express how sad this news is about what happened to your brother. How life can change in an instance. It sounds like he is going to make a strong physical recovery even though emotionally it will take time. He and you will be in our prayers until we hear he is back on his feet.

    Even though I have spent many years working with and interviewing the likes of this type perpetrator the only explanation I have is their violent behavior starts early in life and goes without accountability and then when held accountable (such as being evicted) evil takes over and they act out in rage. Many experience remorse for their actions but most do not. Hopefully the legal system will not let this individual off because he is “poor and misunderstood”.

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    1. I think that is why my brother had hoped he could make a difference. My brother has been successful with two other youths he has mentored for some time. Right now, those two and one of their parents is supportive and I hope will come through for him.


  6. Oh, my goodness. I saw your headline and hoped beyond hope that you were simply being metaphorical. I can’t even imagine what your family must be going through. Sending my hope and thoughts for a full recovery.

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  7. Good GOD! What a horrible experience, for all! Thanks for sharing it though. I really believe by doing so you are helping with ALL the healing that needs to take place. I am so sorry and look forward to anything else you need/want to share. Thinking of you. Kathie

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  8. That’s so horrible! I’m so sorry your brother had to go through that. I’m glad he’s recovering and I wish him a very speedy recovery and healing of his emotions as well. This is very traumatic. My best to your family

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  9. When my son was living in Deltona, Florida with his wife’s family, her aunt was sitting on her porch one morning smoking when a man came out of nowhere and stabbed her to death. All murder and attacks are awful, but there is something so personal about stabbing. I’m really glad to hear your brother is doing well. And for heaven sakes, don’t worry about catching up with the blogs!

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    1. Thank you. I’m amazed at how quickly he is recovering. He had been debating on retiring from Boeing in another year then coming out here. I’m excited. That is so sad about her aunt. I think some places are more conducive to violence some how. I don’t know why.


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