Kid Friendly

I was just in a bar with hubby that had kids running all around and thought “A kid friendly bar, what a novel idea”. This one takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Leave it to the Brits. They are Brits, aren’t they?

Mad Lads Mum & Dad

‘Kid Friendly’ pubs and restaurants are usually synomous with CRAP pubs and restaurants. There are a rare few that manage to combine great food and setting  with a chilled attitude towards crazy kids. These, sadly, are usually fully booked and rammed at the weekends and I’m not that organised to book and plan my life. So instead, when Saturday rolls around and we feel like eating out, we end up in ‘kid friendly’ locals. They are the only place we can let Eden truly be himself and play with his motorbike whilst sitting on the table and simultaneously banging a fork on it and watching Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures. Love him. Go for it mate, this place is Kid Friendly.

Let me tell you about our recent experience at said locals. We rocked up to the huge car park just off of a trading estate. Quaint. Eden loves lorries though so…

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