Us Time in Dallas

When I went to visit my son, I had not expected to get a free day to be with just him.  Thanks to my daughter in law who thought we might like that, we got that.

Having time alone hadn’t happened since I don’t remember when. It’s been rare for us in any case, because once he got into and then out and since the Marines, he’s been all over the place. He first off went to Florida then to Lubbock for school. Then he met his wife, had children, started fostering and well, it’s been crazy. Prior to that was high school and sports, so without knowing it you realize it’s been a long time since one on one time.

Whew!  So here we are and what to do?  Well, that was easy.  We went to Dallas.  It turned out to be a very nice day. The weather was in our favor despite it’s fickleness everywhere this year.  I still carried my umbrella to our first stop, but didn’t need it. After the first few threatening moments, it cleared up. Still a little nippy at first.

Our first stop was Starbucks, a picture in front of the Kennedy memorial and Plaque and then the Red Museum, which tells the early history of Dallas, including the good, the bad and the ugly and slightly sanitized.

Well, let me tell you. Ry and I are the kind of the people that don’t just go in and out of a museum.  The guy at the front desk told us it would probably take an hour.  We were there over two.  We read and study everything.  That’s what we do.  As we left we chuckled about it.

When the kids were small, I had yearly passes to the San Diego Zoo.  It was perfect for us. We could take each visit, one section at a time and enjoy it.  It didn’t matter how many times we went, we still lingered.

The history of Dallas is complex and involved. It was apparent that in it’s day, there were controlling and omniscient powers that dominated the area. This exhibit covers those early days and the evolution of it’s early inhabitants, foundation, it’s railroads, entrepreneurs, politics, music and many other interesting facts including some prehistory.  Pretty neat.

We had lunch at Ellens’ which was awesome and everywhere we went we fought over who would pick up the tab.

Our next stop was, of course, the Kennedy Museum.  If you think we spent a long time at the Red Museum, you should have seen us here.  First of all they give you these earphone thingy’s that narrate step by step the chain of events, but in addition to that there are through it all, things written and photos that give you the backstory of the Kennedy’s plus also take you step by step to the assassination. Fortunately for us, we could stop the audio and do further perusals of our own.


We analyzed the spot where Oswald  shot President Kennedy from.  I say supposedly, because no matter how long I looked at it, it made no sense to me. I understand why there has been speculation on this.   I’ll explain. Take a look see.

Picture one shows where Oswald was situated when he took the shot.  Picture two is where he took the first shot.  In fact, by the second shot Kennedy’s vehicle was almost to the bridge. Keep in mind, the trees were small in those days.


Green vs red.  So why did he take the far shot instead of the near shot? or, better yet when the car was rounding the corner? Perch

You can see the angle they focus on (see no trees?) but once you’re in the building you can see so many easier possibilities. Those are far distances.  I want to know the why.

Well, you can imagine why it took us so long there.  If you’ve never been, check it out. It is fascinating and perplexing.  Has anyone else noticed that too?

After we were done there, we went to his favorite fishing spots.  My boy likes to fish and that’s an understatement. For his birthday Candace bought him a canoe (or kayak?) so he could go further out.  I got him a life vest and my brother and I included a gift certificate from Outdoor World, so he could outfit it with whatever else he might need.

My brother in San Antonio would come out two days later to make Ry’s day even better.

Our last shot of the day was a reflection of a beautiful day and special moment with a great guy and my son.Lake

Til next MARCH! Proud of you son.

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