Hoping for a Musical

This is gonna be a short one and you can yell at me if you don’t like it. Just don’t be overly mean.  <smile>

I perused HBO, STARZ, Netlix and HULU thinking I might like something musical and the only thing I found was Hello Dolly!  I love the tunes, but the movie itself was chaotic.  The young men were idiots, Mr. Vandergelder the epitome of everything disgusting of the male specie of the time and Dolly conniving and manipulative. But, it was a musical.

Normally, I have a wide assortment of CD’s but since I started streaming, I found I wasn’t using them, so I got rid of all but a few of my amazing collection.  Hopefully, I didn’t donate them to Goodwill and I haven’t yet torn through the garage to see if they might happen to be in a box for a future yard sale, so keep your fingers crossed.  I did find French Kiss though and that’s upbeat and I do have the Firefly series, which I’m a fan of, so there’s that.  I did find, Flower Drum Song though and I bet you’ve not even heard of it.  It takes place in San Francisco Chinatown. Very obscure. (I’ve included clips)

I have found a couple of cool new series that have shown up like X Company and A Letter For the King.  I started The Protector and though the story is okay, the protagonist is so irritating, I gave up on it.  I bore through the first season and it never got better.  I don’t like stupidity, so shows like Dodgeball or Wedding Crashers do nothing for me. Movies or shows with idiot characters are unbearable, whether male or female.  I am also tired of Vampire themed stories, perhaps because I’ve seen almost all of them and I now find them tedious and boring. Witches are okay if they don’t get too dark.  I did like Apocalyptic shows are depressing. We have always been fans of TWD, but now it feels too real.  I liked the mystery of who dunnit shows, but now their stories are so obsessed with covering all their social statements that the stories get lost.

For example,  the new 9-1-1 Lonestar show with Rob Lowe.  I love Rob Lowe, but… for pete’s sake, his team consists of a homosexual (his son) plus another, a vegan, a transgender, a Muslim girl and one of my favorite characters,  an Hispanic and a red neck seeming guy who was rejected because he was white but when the captain finds out he happens to be married to a black girl, he was in.  (They are a great couple btw.)  let’s see…  well never mind, you get it.  Supposedly, when the captain transferred from New York, his goal was to be as diverse as possible, I get it, but… it is a bit much. Oh, and on just about every emergency they respond to, on this first episode, it too hits on racist or bigoted issues.  I’ve lived in the south and those exist but not to the extent this first episode had to get in.  This one was over the top and I almost turned it off after the first episode, but it leveled out some.

My point, is so many shows have to get it all in.  I’m sorry, they don’t need to drown us in all that.  My step brother, who is gay hates it as well.   The majority of his friends are none of those things. That’s not real life. That’s not the real world, except maybe in San Francisco.  Okay, it’s T.V. and that’s not real life either.

My feeling is diversity comes from the heart and you can’t force feed it to the average person or they will turn off.  Period.

I’m off track. I know it.  What I wanted to share is I want shows that make me feel happy.  Right now our situation is dire or so it feels like.  Right now we don’t have the ability to party and have a good time, especially if we’re alone.  I have my hubby, but we can only do so much to entertain ourselves.  So some nice old happy movies would sure be nice.  Hmmm, I wonder if I can stream some YouTube clips?  I haven’t tried…

Today has been a day for hubby, putting out one fire after another, “at work”.  I’m waiting for him to get up and make a clean sweep of all the equipment.  His boss posted to all that she had to walk away from hers before she blew everything up.  When you work from home, you can’t just get up and go to the warehouse to yell at shipping to quit %#$@ing up!  The system’s not great, but they’re still working… for that we’re thankful.

Well, the lawn got mowed.

9 thoughts on “Hoping for a Musical

      1. What would be funny, actually, would be to see how a group that diverse in real life would act when forced to work together like that. Oh, now that’d be good TV!

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    1. Oh, absolutely! I love Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. You know musicals were popular during and after the war because they lifted peoples spirits up. I think that’s what we need. The old composers had a knack for making songs that stay with you too.

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      1. Yes, I totally agree! I think that’s why I like them so much; they lift my spirits immensely. I love Fred Astaire because his dancing is so graceful, and fluid. I love Gene Kelly’s dancing because it’s powerful and athletic. I think I need to pull out some blu rays. lol

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