The Oxymoronic Nature of Racial Tolerance

I think the accompanying article is spot on.

3 thoughts on “The Oxymoronic Nature of Racial Tolerance

  1. It is an interesting article, but it contains a couple of weird thoughts (“Romania is not quite as civilized as other countries” and “children are mean”). The problem with U.S. liberal culture now is not that they’re too “politically correct” (although I fully agree that they are), but that they don’t do anything to change things, while they do everything to change words. For example, mothers who give birth to a child have only one or two months’ leave from work, which is an unbelievably short time. U.S. liberals today are oppressors and exploiters, exactly like U.S. conservatives; they promote brain slavery, and this “politically correct” language is only a part of this new slavery.

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    1. It’s true. My husband is always reminding me to watch what I say in public especially. They cannot express how they truly feel or believe without fear of being taken to court , maligned or have their reputation dis-reputed in some other way. It is no wonder people are angry and confused.

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