I Found Some Face Masks!

It all happened last fall.  As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes drive, or now past tense, drove for Lyft and Uber.  It wasn’t a full time job, but I loved it.  I’ve met some amazing and wonderful people doing it. I suppose if it didn’t invade their privacy, I could write a book about that.  The downside of driving is that I’m always in close quarters with my passengers. Too risky under the present Covid-19 circumstances.

That’s partly why I’m not currently engaged in taking people around right now. The other reason is, hubby won’t let me… take that risk. I’m loved.

Around November of last year, my husband got a real bad case of the flu.  Like responsible adults, we had both gotten our flu shots for the year, me earlier than him.  I got mine in September before I went to see my sister in Florida, knowing she might be having her brain surgery in the near future.  I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t be a risk to her and perhaps add a layer of protection for our visit.

As it turns out, we had a great visit and neither she nor I got sick.  However, November rolls around and hubby got it.  The flu.  The following week, I got it.  I wasn’t nearly as sick as he, but it was still very, very bad.  So, before I would go driving again, I ordered face masks… from China.  I didn’t want to feel that bad again and I was taking no chances. I got some yellow ones with a nautical theme and some black ones.


I got more than I thought I’d ever need, so I put them away.  Then, after all that, I hesitated to use them, partly for vanity reasons and I didn’t want to offend my passengers or have them think I was sick or that I thought they were.  Plus, it is the U.S. and it’s not our norm.  Then when I learn Covid-19 originated in China, the issue then became because they were from China.  As it turns out, the virus doesn’t live that long on paper or plastic products, so they’re safe now 4-5 months later.

I, We finally got to use them our first day out when we took Chloe to the vet last week and then again when we returned and had to put her down. (still not over that) Since we were already out, we took that time to do a little shopping, so we wore them to the store as well. We hadn’t been able to find meat anywhere, but I noticed this was a new store and hoped it might still have meat.

Me, in a mask at the restroom in Sprouts grocery store.  I hated to go there, but couldn’t wait.  That’s what happens when you age.  I washed everything I needed first and touched nothing afterward.  I carry antibac with me. That’s an Uber/Lyft thing as well.




Last night, while texting with my daughter, who is an RN at SLC University Hospital, she mentions how badly she felt that she had to go into pediatrics without a mask.  THEY DON’T HAVE MASKS!!!  I told her I had these and she was interested.  She’s the one who informed me they would be safe.

So, I went on a hunt for the others.  I couldn’t remember where I’d put them since I hadn’t really needed them.  I had a couple out that were stashed in my car, enough for hubby and I and for when we went out to the vets.

Well, I found them in the linen closet!

There isn’t a lot, but one was the washable kind, the others not.  I told her they would be in the mail today for her to share.  She was so excited.  My grand daughter chimed in on our group text… “THANK YOU GRANDMA!”

I wonder if the masks I use when I’m painting are any good?  I just may have a box of those somewhere… Hmmm, does anybody know?

After writing that last line, I took a break.  The little I was sending just felt so meager… So I went on the hunt again.  I went through my paint junk to see if I could corral the ones I used for my refinishing projects and guess what?  I found out I had been using medical masks!!!  And, what’s more the box was nearly full!



I put them in a baggie, without handling them, just in case and so they would ship easier.  I just hope they’ll be good enough.

My neighbor, along with countless other people are making washable masks for our local hospitals but for a moment I wondered if maybe I shouldn’t have dropped them off locally instead.  She just told me I could have some to send to my daughter.  Aren’t people grand?!

The thing is, she’s my daughter and she lives with my son, my great granddaughter, great grandson and granddaughter, so her risks are higher for bringing it home to them, so I think I’m doing the right thing.

As for the rest of us?  We can best do our part to help all of our medical professionals, who are in the line of fire, by staying in lock down.  We can still be in our backyard or balcony, if we have them.  I know it’s harder for folks who don’t have that, but please do your best. Skype, Facetime or Zoom with family and friends. Stay connected.  WE all love you!!

On a side note.  A call was made by California governor Newsom, on the news last night, for help from any retired healthcare professionals or those about to graduate from medical school to come forward to help.  They will be paid and receive healthcare benefits, of course.  The response so far has been thousands responding in just a few hours!  They will be vetted according to specialties and needs of course, but that’s still amazing.



Graduation Trip (part 2)

Weeeell, After what felt like a near death experience with the flu which I thought I’d never get over, I did and none too soon because my oldest “child” was graduating college at 51 years of age!!

Tina got married at 17,

and traveled with her hubby some. Knowing he would one day inherit the bicycle business started by his father, he learned German and Italian, since those were the primary manufacturing locations of their products. So, of course they got to go to Europe several times. Not having children yet, she was able to accompany him on these trips.  For some time, we never thought she’d ever start her family.

When she was in her late 20’s, the business was sold and they did begin their family. At age 29 her firstborn child was born, on the same date my eldest boy was  born. After that came son number two…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and sometime after that came son number three.  It appeared that once the ball started to roll, they couldn’t get it stopped.  Suddenly, she found herself pregnant once again.  I asked her if she wished for a girl, but she said, No! “B—‘s only make boys,  (her brother in law has four boys) besides if I had a girl, I don’t know what I’d do with her,  I know what to do with boys.”  Guess what? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She had a girl.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well for her.  Postpartum depression set in and sadly ruined the momentous occasion.  When she confided in me how she believed she should be happy, but wasn’t, I suggested she see her doctor.  Fortunately, I wasn’t the first person to tell her that.  Her mid-wife gave her a referral and in time, she improved.

By now she was 38.

Five years ago, she decided to finish school and go to college.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that she chose nursing  given  her own previous experience, but I was.  Her whole life, she had been more into holistic healing and the organic approach to health. Yet nursing it was.

Little by little other pieces as to why have fallen into place, giving me clues as to how she came to her decision.

You see her goal is to eventually become a travel nurse.  Her kids are all but gone and she’s seen the need in her travels. She’d been to Nepal for a mission trip some years back, so yes, there is definitely a need. She just returned from Tahiti with her father (a graduation gift) and she was told there was a need there.  There’s always a need, regardless of her age anywhere in the world.


First came the pinning and everyone was there.  Little Ally was in a wheelchair and on pain meds still since her trampoline accident had just occurred a few days earlier.

With her family’s support she completed her schooling, so of course her family was thereto support and cheer her on, with the exception of one brother.  He came out earlier for his grandfather’s funeral, which took place during Spring break while his wife was on hers from teaching.  As foster parents, getting away doesn’t come easy, so it was the best they could do. He did bring his oldest son with him, so it was a good visit.

We get to meet her classmates and some “bestie’s” she made while there.  She made a point of not giving away her age at first, not that it ended up mattering. They loved her.

And finally graduation day:


And more family –

And then it finished off with a party at her house, which for some reason was just us… at first.  It seems the graduates make a circuit run of all their friends and stopped in later.  For some reason, probably because it was way past my bedtime, I didn’t get pictures. Oooops!   Yea!!! She graduated with honors and much thanks to the whole family for their support.

Women’s Day

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet in honor of all the women in my family who’ve reinvented them self late in life.

First, I salute my sister Diana.

My sister Diana, who with me found the stresses of caring for our aged and dying parents quite trying at times. It forced us to find ways to grow and be better than we once were.

Di found that drawing would calm mother as well as herself and she developed her own unique style of crayon art

and from there she wrote her first book “The Importance of Thomas” which reveals, as told to her grand kids, her journey  with me in caring for our parents.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback

Second, My daughter Andrea:

My daughter Andrea, who just started writing her own blog, I salute as she embarks on a new career which is growing stronger everyday.


At 34, she went back to school and was the first girl in my family to finish college and get a degree.  You can read her story and goals at the link that follows. (Actually, Diana was the first in my family to finish college, but of me and my girls, Andrea was)

Her blog: http://usmountainstandard.com/about

Third, I salute my daughter Tina

Now, my firstborn Tina,  married at 17 and didn’t even finish the last 6 months of school thinking marriage was her destiny, At 45 she found herself evolving.


Tina in Bali 2

Despite the fact that she didn’t start her family until she was 29, my former 3.5 grade point average student took her time getting that GED.

I only list her third because she is only now starting her journey.

At age 47, she started college and is now waiting to be admitted for a nursing degree, which I don’t think will be a problem with her getting straight A’s.

Both girls following in their mother’s footsteps taking strides, moving forward late in life. I guess you could call us late bloomers.

And well, most of you know my story. It’s been a rocky road but I keep on truckin’. I’m blogging while embarking on a screenwriting career.

And finally, I salute me:

My first screenplay was written with Andrea in mind, but even though her acting career took a detour, she is now back on track. With encouragement from Sean Astin and others, she has renewed her enthusiasm for film. Like me, she doesn’t know where that will end up.

‘Baja Run” is the story of a woman who goes up against the Mexican drug Cartel and her father in order to save her son.

With Andrea, I have just completed the first phase of a web series we hope to start filming sometime next year.

Both girls are supportive of my efforts and eager to collaborate.

A.B &T
Andrea, my grand daughter Becca and Tina showing their best sides.

Everything I’ve done I did after 45.  It took three marriages for one to take and that was at 45. I raised four children, two girls and two boys and in the interim pretty much kept my dreams on hold.  Now it’s my turn.

At 45, I learned to ski and…

Cross Country skiing in this pic, but I did downhill as well.

I rock climbed and loved it. I would say it was my favorite sport. I also climbed mountains.

and at 50 I got to go to one of the most prestigious acting schools in LA, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Dance Class

In addition, I got to learn more from  LA Coach Molli Benson, Check out her site: “Specialty Acting Workshops”

At 65, after mother died, I learned belly dancing, Jo 1

It’s been quite a journey for us, but here’s to the ladies…AND we’re not done yet!