I Found Some Face Masks!

It all happened last fall.  As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes drive, or now past tense, drove for Lyft and Uber.  It wasn’t a full time job, but I loved it.  I’ve met some amazing and wonderful people doing it. I suppose if it didn’t invade their privacy, I could write a book about that.  The downside of driving is that I’m always in close quarters with my passengers. Too risky under the present Covid-19 circumstances.

That’s partly why I’m not currently engaged in taking people around right now. The other reason is, hubby won’t let me… take that risk. I’m loved.

Around November of last year, my husband got a real bad case of the flu.  Like responsible adults, we had both gotten our flu shots for the year, me earlier than him.  I got mine in September before I went to see my sister in Florida, knowing she might be having her brain surgery in the near future.  I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t be a risk to her and perhaps add a layer of protection for our visit.

As it turns out, we had a great visit and neither she nor I got sick.  However, November rolls around and hubby got it.  The flu.  The following week, I got it.  I wasn’t nearly as sick as he, but it was still very, very bad.  So, before I would go driving again, I ordered face masks… from China.  I didn’t want to feel that bad again and I was taking no chances. I got some yellow ones with a nautical theme and some black ones.


I got more than I thought I’d ever need, so I put them away.  Then, after all that, I hesitated to use them, partly for vanity reasons and I didn’t want to offend my passengers or have them think I was sick or that I thought they were.  Plus, it is the U.S. and it’s not our norm.  Then when I learn Covid-19 originated in China, the issue then became because they were from China.  As it turns out, the virus doesn’t live that long on paper or plastic products, so they’re safe now 4-5 months later.

I, We finally got to use them our first day out when we took Chloe to the vet last week and then again when we returned and had to put her down. (still not over that) Since we were already out, we took that time to do a little shopping, so we wore them to the store as well. We hadn’t been able to find meat anywhere, but I noticed this was a new store and hoped it might still have meat.

Me, in a mask at the restroom in Sprouts grocery store.  I hated to go there, but couldn’t wait.  That’s what happens when you age.  I washed everything I needed first and touched nothing afterward.  I carry antibac with me. That’s an Uber/Lyft thing as well.




Last night, while texting with my daughter, who is an RN at SLC University Hospital, she mentions how badly she felt that she had to go into pediatrics without a mask.  THEY DON’T HAVE MASKS!!!  I told her I had these and she was interested.  She’s the one who informed me they would be safe.

So, I went on a hunt for the others.  I couldn’t remember where I’d put them since I hadn’t really needed them.  I had a couple out that were stashed in my car, enough for hubby and I and for when we went out to the vets.

Well, I found them in the linen closet!

There isn’t a lot, but one was the washable kind, the others not.  I told her they would be in the mail today for her to share.  She was so excited.  My grand daughter chimed in on our group text… “THANK YOU GRANDMA!”

I wonder if the masks I use when I’m painting are any good?  I just may have a box of those somewhere… Hmmm, does anybody know?

After writing that last line, I took a break.  The little I was sending just felt so meager… So I went on the hunt again.  I went through my paint junk to see if I could corral the ones I used for my refinishing projects and guess what?  I found out I had been using medical masks!!!  And, what’s more the box was nearly full!



I put them in a baggie, without handling them, just in case and so they would ship easier.  I just hope they’ll be good enough.

My neighbor, along with countless other people are making washable masks for our local hospitals but for a moment I wondered if maybe I shouldn’t have dropped them off locally instead.  She just told me I could have some to send to my daughter.  Aren’t people grand?!

The thing is, she’s my daughter and she lives with my son, my great granddaughter, great grandson and granddaughter, so her risks are higher for bringing it home to them, so I think I’m doing the right thing.

As for the rest of us?  We can best do our part to help all of our medical professionals, who are in the line of fire, by staying in lock down.  We can still be in our backyard or balcony, if we have them.  I know it’s harder for folks who don’t have that, but please do your best. Skype, Facetime or Zoom with family and friends. Stay connected.  WE all love you!!

On a side note.  A call was made by California governor Newsom, on the news last night, for help from any retired healthcare professionals or those about to graduate from medical school to come forward to help.  They will be paid and receive healthcare benefits, of course.  The response so far has been thousands responding in just a few hours!  They will be vetted according to specialties and needs of course, but that’s still amazing.



10 thoughts on “I Found Some Face Masks!

      1. I can understand how she feels. I’ve done all kinds of work. That’s one of the beauties of nursing. If you don’t like where you’re at, you can easily move to something different. I started out in a step-down ICU, and also did cardiac care unit. Over time, I found I really loved hospice work. The majority of my career was in hospice. The last job I had, I was a charge nurse on a rehab unit which I also loved. I’m disabled now, in a wheelchair, but if I could have any wish, it would be to go back to nursing. I loved it with all my heart.

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      2. She’s been in medical mental, but the fact that she’s moving around now tells me they may be becoming short staffed. I haven’t asked her yet. When it was thought the mental floor would be shut down, she had applied for surgery. Now, I’m wondering if her floor got shut down after all.

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  1. She’s less than two years out of college, so anything she does will add to her learning. I know she will love it either way. My sister and I took care of my parents in their last years. We learned a lot, I have to admire anyone who does it. It isn’t for everyone. If my sister doesn’t improve, we may now have to decide palliative care. Who would have thought we would arrive at that so soon? She was my right hand girl less than 6 years ago and now it’s her.


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