4 thoughts on “Watch Me!

  1. That is very interesting. I can’t remember being told I couldn’t do something once I became an adult. I have a lot more trouble with people whose sentences begin with, “You SHOULD….”


  2. I love it when people talk and/or share things like this. It’s very true and more people need to know and believe it. Reminding yourself of it regularly is important.

    When I started studying law at university a few of my family members said I’d never finish, I had too much ‘carry on’ in me and I didn’t ‘take things seriously enough’. 11 years later, I have a masters degree in law, am (hopefully) starting my doctorate in 2018, have been working as a legal professional for the last six years (due to fully qualify next June), and run a legal advice website with books due to be published in 2017.

    So yeah, just watch me.

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