Winter – A Special Puppy’s Tale

Hello,  I’m Winter.winter

My great grandma is writing this on my behalf, so I hope you can help us.

You see, I need to find a home that will give me lots of TLC .  My current owner is a sweet, caring single mom, but whose budget and time constraints may not allow her to care for me and my special needs as she would like to. She is already caring for her sister’s child along with her own, plus three other dogs, so her plate is pretty full. I know she’s worried about me, because she wants to be sure I get just the right home with special people who will love me.  I know that finding homes for my siblings will not be so difficult, but me…?

Well, it’s like this… Here is my story and my dilemma.  You see, my mommy was not supposed to get pregnant, so despite my owners efforts, she did and I’m part of an unplanned litter.  The problem is there were so many of us, six of us to start but one of my younger brother’s didn’t make it. I was the oldest.  Unfortunately, I have special needs. I need a home that will not only take good care of me for however long I may live. I feel fine but the vet said it was possible I would have a short life, and also know that there may be some expense in the future. The thing is, we don’t know.

Litter #2
My brothers and sisters with me in the middle.

You see, I was born with some unexpected birth defects. I may be partially blind as my eyes did not fully develop and we still don’t know how much sight I have.  There’s a chance I could be deaf. Until I’m old enough to be tested, we don’t know if I can hear.  Because of these issues training me will take a very special person since my disabilities will make this difficult.  I do, however have an acute sense of smell and touch.

winter puppy
Me at two weeks.

How big will I get?  Weeell, My breeding is: My daddy is a long hair Chihuahua and my mother is a PomChi (half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian), so I won’t get big and right now I’m a cuddly ball of fur.

My grandma’s great aunt, said she’d heard of people who would train and use dogs like me to take to hospitals and places to encourage and teach special needs kids to see that they are not alone and that there are animals with special needs too. It takes their minds off their own problems and brings them much joy.  I’m hoping that I can have a fulfilling life like that.

Kash and Winter
My owners son is rambunctious until it comes to me. He seems to know I need special handling, as you can see.

P.S.  To all Jolie’s Attic followers, if you know anyone who can help us find that special home for Winter, it would be awesome.  She is in Salt Lake City, so I’m really hoping that whoever is interested is close enough to make transporting her easier. She is a sweet, cuddly, puppy.

Whoever gets her will have to know her total needs are unknown and disabilities yet undetermined.

Thank you Jolie

PS  Winter’s story almost ended badly. Check followup story. “Winter’s Journey”

UPDATE:  Winter has found her home with a loving family who knows how to care for a deaf and blind puppy.  They promised to send periodic updates.  So happy for her!!

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