Winter’s Journey

When my grand daughter gave Winter her new home, she was not expecting this.
winter ad
Fortunately with Grandma’s help, we were able to get Winter back.  Apparently the people who took her had their script well rehearsed and Becca thought they would be good for her.

I had worried about this, but years and experience have taught me that people do not value what they’ve not worked for.  That’s why I’m not a big welfare advocate (with some exceptions) and that’s a whole ‘nother blog.  I know there are people who may disagree with me, but somehow those feelings do tend to change when it comes to animals.

In Winter’s situation, I (we) were sick about it. Becca called me crying. I made an appointment with them to come see the puppy, which allowed my kids to go over there and pick her up.  Becca did give them an earful but they didn’t fight her when she took her back.  These folks turned around and changed the phone number on the ad so that I would get the calls. So I did have to suffer through that for a short time.  People who called were apologetic and kind.

It has taken awhile but someone did come along to give Winter a new home.  She’s been renamed Winnie.  What made this new home a blessing is that they did take another puppy, Winnie’s little brother to keep each other company.


DANGERS OF FREE TO GOOD HOME ADS!  This is just one of many horrific examples of what can happen. Google Puppy Doe Kiya.

Winter is happy and two hours away from her family. They shared information and her new family are looking to get her the help she needs.  It appears that “Winnie” does have some sight, which is good news.  If she hears, it’s limited.  It seems as she gets older, she is showing improvement in both those areas.
Here are some more recent pictures.
If you must re-home your pet, please charge a re-homing fee, spay/neuter prior to adoption, call vet references and do two home checks…one before adoption and a second one a few months after adoption. Download an adoption contact online for both parties to sign.
The above information came to us after the fact off my neighborhood website, but I thought I’d share this with you and I hope you will pass it on as well.
Becca knew there was the possibility of future expenses with Winter and thought to be considerate of a future owner, but as you can see not everyone is as they claim to be.  For the safety of your pet, take that extra step.
Winter’s sister, Kahlua is the last one available at $700.
Kahlua Isn’t she a dolly?

9 thoughts on “Winter’s Journey

  1. dog fighting upsets me so much; people are SO cruel and the bait dogs – that is disgusting also. I wish with all my heart that all dogs had lovely loving homes like Winnie. All the recommendations you have made to consider when re0homing a dog are great.

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  2. FREE to a good home is how I have gotten all my dogs. They are my children. So lumping us all together is not a good thing. There are some out there that do this bad crap. I don’t.

    Yes, get some references and go with your gut feeling.

    I detest those ads that say ‘Free to a good home’ with a $200 re homing fee. That’s not free. To me, that is making money off a furbaby. And when it’s not a purebred? It’s a mutt. It’s not a designer dog. Labradoodles. Makes me laugh. It’s a mutt. The father is the sneaky neighbor dog.

    Mutts are THE BEST DOGS EVER. Purebreds I’ve seen? Hard to train and have problems. I love me a good Mutt. My dog is Black/Chocolate lab and Rottweiler. Best dog EVER.

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  3. I agree 100% with your post; even the welfare part. It is so sad that there are nice people who would adopt a free to good home dog but advertising as such invites the assholes to come out. I’m okay with charging a re-homing fee because if you can’t afford the modest re-homing fee you might think twice about that pet. They are NEVER free (food, vet, toys, toys, toys).

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